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Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Philippians 4:4

The act of rejoicing in the Lord is a direction that we can’t leave for later. When people understand that this is good, they will join us in a holy, pure and good satisfaction. The Lord most high desires us to have this pleasure continually, because it is proof to everyone that we truly love Him. How can someone say that they love God, but at the same time, they’re constantly upset? The good testimony is to rejoice always!

We should show great joy due to the fact that the enemy cannot touch us anymore. After all, we are sons of God and we’ve received garments of salvation that protect us from the devil’s attempts to hurt us. The truth is that we don’t lack any anything. If we walk with the Lord, we will never be ashamed by the evil one. However, if we aren’t in connection with God, people will soon realize it by our expressions. What a terrible testimony it will be!

In addition to the garments of salvation, which guarantee a joyful living, we are also covered by the robes of righteousness, which give us the authority and dignity to cast out the devil from our lives. No arrows of his will hit us. Our lives are divine territory, and because of that, the enemy cannot enter our being – be it soul, body or spirit. The evil one’s will is that we are never in connection with our Father, but that will never happen!

When Sennacherib, king of the powerful Assyria – which was greatly expanding its territory – decided to invade Judah to subdue the holy people, he found a king and a true prophet there, who lived in the presence of the Lord and who knew Him very well. Sennacherib advanced with a great army and great confidence in his men and in his god. However, soon things became difficult for him. He increased the pressure but it was useless.

In the same way, if the devil tries to subdue us with his temptations, he will find in us the true Overcomer, who defeated him on the cross and took away the authority he had stolen from Adam, causing him to be defeated forever (Colossians 2:15). Those who fight the battles of the Lord overcome, because He fights for them without ceasing. Without a single arrow being shot over Jerusalem, 185 thousand soldiers from Sennacherib’s army died in a single night (2 Kings 19:35). Glory to God!

When we rejoice in the Lord, we find that His strength is at our disposal for battles. Therefore, we will never be slaves of the kingdom of evil again. Take the verse we have been studying as an order, prepare in prayer and, with faith, rejoice. Soon your soul will be strengthened and what seemed unlikely – your deliverance – will become a reality. If you belong to God, the enemy can’t touch you (1 John 5:18)!

Rejoice in the Lord, and again rejoice! There is not a single chance that the devil will defeat you and become your lord. We are God’s private property and under no circumstances we will be defeated. Those who have garments of salvation will never be defeated by evil’s attempts, even if evil comes against them with all its techniques. For there is no sorcery against us, the people of God (Numbers 23:23), nor any divination or treason.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord of our great joy! We can rejoice, because the forces of darkness will never have us in their hands. Their own boss will soon be placed underneath our feet, and we will smash him. To You be all the glory now and eternally!

You have clothed us with garments of salvation, which will never be changed. This means that we’re not open to the operations of the kingdom of evil anymore. Now, our goal is to give You true priority in our lives, because You have delivered us forever.

We have also been covered with the mantle of righteousness, which the arrows of the enemy can’t pierce through. Even when under attack, Your love and Your faithfulness will protect us. Thank You for loving us that way. We are Your sons and daughters!


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