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All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 2 Timothy 3:16

When we understand a biblical message, we must be aware that the Lord will solve our problems. The power of the Word goes beyond what we can see or feel. By revealing to us the meaning of something, God also gives us the power to make it come true. With this, the work is accomplished with celestial speed and precision.

The most important moment of our lives is when the Bible leaps into our eyes and burns in our hearts. At this moment, in a wonderful way, we know that promise will be fulfilled in and for us. Therefore, when the pastor is preaching, do not leave the ministry afterwards or consider it unattainable. The Father would never say anything to our evil. The blessing He has revealed to you is already yours. So don’t give up on her.

God would never inspire His Word to teach us anything other than for our benefit. When there is a connection between the Most High and our spirit, we understand that we can continue to pray, believe and determine that it is real in our lives. The Almighty has conquered for us all that He announces to us.

The revealed Word makes us act as people in a position to do wonders and end terrible sufferings. He who does not believe the Lord’s statements behaves like a wicked man and takes the true God as a liar (1 John 1:10). Kingdom works are done through faith. If we fail to believe the Scriptures and ask God to do what He promised, we will receive nothing from Him. Believe and live!

Be it to teach what is ours, or to show what we can do by faith, always give the Most High the glory due to His Name. Whoever learns from the Creator of heaven and earth is transformed. This teaching makes us strong enough to get into any battle and win out. You are what He says!

The Scriptures being inspired by Heaven serve as our rebuke. Sometimes, because we are not in the spirit, we talk and do harmful things. However, if we accept rebuke and refuse evil attitudes, we will be forgiven and set free. The Word corrects us in what we are doing outside of the heavenly plan.

Finally, when God makes us understand what is written, we are instructed in righteousness. Now it is the Lord’s action to keep us from any deviation, to set us free from wrongdoing, and to use us to do the same as Jesus did. Whoever is ruled by the righteousness of the Most High soon becomes a blessing. How about being guided that way?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! Thank you for thinking of everything about us, taking us out of darkness and bringing us into the Kingdom of the Son of Your love. By this we have the blessing that others will know only if they will heed the Scriptures that You reveal.

We need the divinely inspired Bible to be revealed to us, teaching us to honor you daily. We want to take advantage of what you say in the Word, so we ask that it also correct us.

Finally, we need to be conducted in justice, not in suffering or error. To give you the praise that is right, we stand before You and plead for Your help. Do not let Your servant walk in bad ways, but make us walk in Your path.


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