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He delivers me from my enemies. You also lift me up above those who rise against me; You have delivered me from the violent man.  Psalm 18:48

To have enemies, one only has to be born. Because of beauty, or another trait, there will always be those who stand against us, doing their best to harm us and, in some cases, even kill us. Envy arises in the hearts of those who seek the success of another person´s in any activity, their looks or even their spouse, leading them to sinful thoughts. In addition, this feeling can come from the temptation of demons.

Those in a commanding position in the city, state or federal government will always be opposed, even if they do their best under the conditions in which they are. In the minds of some weak, if you are applauded, their time will never come. Why do so many people think this way is such authorities behave correctly? There are those who wish to have their name remembered in the history of a certain place. Man is so wicked!

With David, it was no different. Even though he was appointed by the Lord to be king before he came to desire such a position (1 Samuel 16: 1), even one of his sons struggled to overthrow him (see 2 Samuel 15). So do adventurers, brothers, and other relatives. When Israel was in the desert under Moses guidance, to whom God spoke face to face, there were three Israelites who rebelled against God’s will but were swallowed up by the earth (Numbers 26: 9-10). Mercy!

In the key verse, God intended to deliver the psalmist. Likewise, the Lord is willing to deliver whoever He raises in any position within human activity. No matter who stands against your life, after all, you are placed by the Most High as a leader or worker in His work or secular life. He exalts the heads of those to whom He has revealed His purpose as long as they are fulfilling it.

Keep that promise as a precious treasure! When someone opposes you, pray, tell God everything that is happening to you and make things right. If your heart does not accuse you of any mistake, or, if you feel that you have made a mistake in some are,  repent. You can ask for the Almighty´s judgment and you will have it. He will exalt you, for He has given you such a blessing.

Violent man uses physical force or persuasion to rebel against the Lord´s will.. Then, as you come to God, say nothing more about the problem, do not “buy” witnesses, nor point out the favors you have done for someone. Just quietly look at God’s work on that matter. Although it seems that you are losing the battle, give glory to the Father. God will deliver you from the violent man!

When we are right with God, He makes even the enemies to be at peace with us (Proverbs 16: 7). So if you are at peace with God, stand firm and wait for His guidance. We are loved by the beloved One and that is why Satan’s hatred will never reach us. Truth is the greatest force in both the world of perfection and ours!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Rescuer! You would not place us in an unfavorable position. There is no way for the enemy to rise against us and defeat us if we obey Your commands. Your strength will never confuse us. We are grateful that You love us!

If we have acted contrary to Your, let us see where we went wrong. Don´t let us be ashamed in our walk of faith, for the struggles will not take us away from Your presence. Thank You for strengthening us as You battle for us!

You deliver us from enemies, and after the battles we see that You exalt us. Thus, Your name will be praised by those who belong to the Truth. Your love covers us and protects us from violent men. Glories to You!


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