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Return to your rest, O my soul, For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you. Psalm 116:7

Upon meeting the Creator and submitting to His Word, a person begins to have a confidence in the Lord that he never thought possible. Your soul finds rest and starts to live as if the enemy did not exist. Despite knowing that he walks around, trying to swallow her (1 Pet. 5.8), she consciously rests in the certainty that the Father will never abandon her, and her life will have times of happiness, love and trust in God.

However, when least expected, adversities arise. Then, if such a person remains firm in the faith in the Lord, he will identify the evil attempts to get him out of the divine presence. Otherwise, if you are careless, you will not even notice these things, and that is not a good thing. The evil one has to be treated as an evil being, who takes any chance to lay down his lies and mess up the human being’s life. What should be done? Be watchful and pray!

We get in trouble for not following Jesus’ warning: Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation; indeed, the spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak (Mt 26.41). Otherwise, no child of God will be able to escape the evils caused by the tempter. It is necessary to be in communion with the Father, in order to detect where you have left breaches and to close them; thus, your suffering will end. One thing is certain: without cause, the curse will never be fulfilled (26.2).

The psalmist’s soul needed to return to rest, otherwise it would experience unpleasant situations. Now, before them, everyone needs to plug the “holes” through which the devil entered to have the tranquility that only the Lord can give. Unfortunately, even though we praise God, we leave open doors for the action of evil. Really, the need to watch and pray is serious!

We will have peace in our souls by doing what we have to do: resisting Satan, constantly crying out, searching the Scriptures, remembering the lost, interceding for them and keeping the commandments. In doing so, the Most High is glorified with our life. Never fall into the enemy’s offerings; he takes advantage of some difficulty in some area of his life and offers “help”.

By fully trusting God, who has always been good for you, your soul will enjoy the rest of the Most High. Now, the Lord has done us good and has given us of His Spirit so that we can be in His presence at all times. To return to the rest already granted by the Father, it is necessary to confess your mistakes and start walking with Him again. The Father will always comfort you.

Enter now in the presence of God and confess your transgressions. So, stand before the eternal Father. Whenever you feel the arrival of evil, come back to speak with the Lord, openly, without hiding anything. After all, He is Omniscient. You will find out how much He loves you. Pour yourself in prayer before Him and rise to win your battles again.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We are tired of battling the enemy, who has been trying to harass us. We want to see Your power acting on our behalf, so we confess our sins.

We need the gift of repentance, not the “gift” of detachment from You. We want to stay connected with You in such a way that nothing will separate us. You are everything we need to win, so we ask: visit us now!

You have done us good by sending the Savior out of Satan's clutches. You loved us in such a way that you gave us your Spirit. Now, we can build and strengthen ourselves to win struggles with dignity. You are our Father!


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