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29/05/2020 - THE LORD IN BATTLE

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Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Behold, I will save My people from the land of the east And from the land of the west;  Zechariah 8:7

All God’s promises must be considered, for in their time they will come into existence. In fact, never a word from Him has ever been fulfilled. The Lord watches over her just for this to happen (Jer 1:12). When a person hears something from God or understands that a biblical text is directed to him, it will be done as Heavenly Father has said.

The Lord does not depend on the help of men, for He knows that in every generation there will be those who disobey Him and so many others who will listen to Him, doing the work in His own way. He who gets carried away by the devil and does not go where he was sent. to fulfill the divine calling, you will never be successful in life because you have become rebellious. If you love God, you will be loved by Him to the same extent (John 14:21). To be faithful and obedient is to love the Most High!

God is bringing people from the East and the West today and making them His particular people. Remember: He is perfect and accomplishes His work with mastery. With this, His Word will always be honored. It is good to continually seek the will of the Father and pray to achieve the promised blessings. He is faithful!

The redeemed shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, the Church of Christ. So never discriminate against one of them, because that would be crazy. After all, He sees what we do or don’t do for those who love Him. Be ready to support the Lord’s family members, because surely there will be a reward for you (Matt. 10:42). Act wisely!

The saved are part of God’s people and are different from other people, so they are conquerors over all forms of oppression. Though they sin, they will never be forsaken by the Holy Spirit, who will lead them to forgiveness and recovery. Now Jesus has paid the price for all to be saved and to have His protection!

If the Almighty is our God, would we lose any fight with Him ahead? Of course not. But the Lord has declared that we must be brave, or else we will stop seizing His Kingdom. Who cows before the hardness of the test displeases Him who has enlisted him for combat. Know that the timid, at the time of the Law, returned home (Judg. 7: 3).

He is our God in truth and righteousness. The person who lets fear or another evil feeling into his heart will not be used by the Most High. Now no matter what battle we have to fight; if we face it in the Name of Jesus, according to the Word of the Lord, we will overcome it! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Savior of Thy people! You said that you would save Your people from East and West! This makes us very happy, because people from places where they are discriminated against will not be further from your love.

They are taking a seat with the one who has done their best, listening to You in the remotest time. Because of this surrender and faithfulness, those who accept you will be richly blessed by your hands.

We are the inhabitants of heavenly Jerusalem, Your people, and You are our dear real and unchanging God. We want to prove from Your favor, that all may believe that they will become Yours forever. Thank you for loving us in truth and righteousness!


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