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16/01/2019 - THE LORD IS GREAT TO US

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But there the majestic Lord will be for us A place of broad rivers and streams, In which no galley with oars will sail, Nor majestic ships pass by; Isaiah 33:21

To be in the right place prepared for our appointed feasts is all that anyone needs to be complete in God and this is possible.  Those who live this heavenly environment are successful.  This way they stand out from the others, because the anointment received from the Lord will break all chains and yokes (Isaiah 10:27).  It is impossible for the evil one defeated by Jesus to enslave him again. 

In this place, God will be totally magnificent, powerful and a friend.  In His presence we discover that we are never alone, not even for an instant (Matthew 28:20).  The Lord has declared that He never abandons us.  However, as a wise Father, He allows us to suffer temptations to prove that we love Him.  Never complain for being tried or tested but prove your love to God. 

While preparing a place for us, the Most High thought of everything necessary for our good, leading us to a position where we will serve Him wholeheartedly and in holiness.  Without it, we will not even get close to the meeting point with Him.  To cease believing in the Word is to give in to the arrogant threats of the defeated.  The devil cannot and will not ever fulfill any of his false promises.

This is a place of wide rivers and streams, mighty currents and impossible to be forded by a boat or a ship built in Hell.  The Lord did not restrict wisdom and ability to train us in this spiritual stand.  He expects His children to be strong as a lion and to live in command of their territory and position never bowing before any temptation from the kingdom of evil (Proverbs 28:1).  Follow the example given by Jesus in the desert, when He refused the provocations of the devil (Matthew 4:1-11).

All that was necessary for us to live free from the attacks of the adversary was thought out and executed in the salvation that was provided by the Son of God.  This is why we don’t have to accept the advances from the realms of darkness. The hand of the Lord carried out the perfect plan of salvation in details. Thus, assume your position in the Word and be the person God planned for you to be. That pleases Him! 

The chasm that Abraham said exists between those in Paradise and those who found themselves in Hades is real.  Surrounding the place of our ceremonies there are wide rivers full of powerful currents.  No evil vessel could pass unnoticed to the eyes of the Most High for what He did to separate us from the forces of evil is the task of One who is perfect.  Therefore, believe that in the Kingdom of God we are saved.

There is only one attitude we must keep to please God: to live according to what He says in the Scriptures, fearing not the devil in absolutely anything.  In Christ, we have more than what we need, so for this reason we must do more than the Christians in the past. Our God is perfect in all His promises.  We must serve Him with entirety of heart!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! How beautiful it is to hear from You that at the place where You have chosen for us to meet You will be magnificent.  Help us understand this declaration; this way, we will not allow him to attack us and will not give him the pleasure of saying that he harmed us. 

We want to glorify You in our faith, leading us to know the riches in glory that You have prepared for us.  It is evident, from Your Word, that we have much more in You than we can see or even imagine.  Therefore we must not squander or neglect Your grace.

It is good to belong to You! It´s suck a great joy to live free from any desire or evil and therefore walk safely the paths that You have opened with Your steps.  Now we must learn and know more of You, love You and obey Your holy and complete will!


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