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No king is saved by the multitude of an army; A mighty man is not delivered by great strength. Psalm 33:16

The Creator is organized. He created the world and He knows how to manage it. When He created man, God made him free to choose between good and evil, but unfortunately, man preferred to believe in the devil. After creating division in the spiritual world and tempting Adam and Eve, who fell and sinned, Satan came into the world with his demons. However, Jesus has already paid the price for this disobedience!

Nothing is out of the Most High’s control, because everything was made by Him, for Him, and in Him (John 1:3). God, who is love, is faithful to fulfill His Word; therefore, He will never lead things in a dishonest way. Everything will reach the end He desires. The Lord has already given salvation to man. Now, we should just believe in what Jesus did on Calvary so that humanity will be with the Father again, and after we die, we will join Him in heaven. That’s great, isn’t it?

The kings of this earth who rise against the dominion of the Almighty and only true King, one day will fall into despair. When they see the victory of the Lord, they will come to their senses and understand that they were evil with themselves and with their followers. Those who ban the preaching of the gospel are heaping coals of fire upon their heads. The fact that you are someone important doesn’t allow you to stop people from knowing the truth. God sees everything!

The multitude of an army will only conquer battles if that’s in God’s plans. The Lord has dominion over all things and everything cooperates so that truth will prevail over lies in a clear and fair way. God will never write correctly in crooked lines. From the beginning to end, everything has to be 100% clean and pure. It’s useless to try to help the Most High; those who try to do that will be punished (2 Samuel 6:6,7).

There’s nothing better than people bowing before the Word and living just as the Most High planned. Otherwise, they will fight with all their strength but won’t be free from the traps of the enemy. This season is the best one for those who want to see the Lord acting, because everything has been fulfilled. We just need to believe in the work that was done on the cross, so that divine power will operate on our behalf. Christ is our victory!

No matter how brave or well prepared a man might be, he won’t be successful unless that’s in the Lord’ s plans. The Savior said that the one who does not enter the sheepfold by the door is a thief and a robber (John 10:1). That’s why the devil is called a thief, because without being born of a woman, he would never be allowed here on earth. But the son of God was born a human just like anyone of us; so this is His home too.

Seek to know the will of God for your life and do your best to fulfill it. Without a doubt, with no help from the Lord you will get nowhere. Those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God and receive Him as their Savior move from death to life and are born again, guaranteeing their entrance in the Lord’s eternal kingdom!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord who gives victory! We will certainly see dictators taking power and realizing how powerless they are when fighting truth. No matter how hard the devil may insist and choose men to put his evil will into practice, only You are the great overcomer!

Why prepare a multitude of an army, filled with the most modern and lethal weapons, if in the end, You will humiliate the servants of evil? Ultimately, when Christ returns, they will shake in fear when they see Your amazing power!

“Where are the brave ones with their boldness?” People will ask when they see the King coming on the clouds to take us away from this evil world. The bombs that were fabricated by the oppressors will seal their own destruction. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!


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