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Thus says the Lord of hosts:‘If it is marvelous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in these days, Will it also be marvelous in My eyes?’ Says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 8:6

In Scripture, we learn a lot about ourselves and about God. One of the teachings is what we are studying in Zechariah’s statement about the time we live. Now today there is no more submission of the saved to the oppression of the devil, because they heard the Word, believed in Jesus, and were delivered. But unbelievers will never succeed in their battles.

Through the prophet God said, “Old and old will dwell in the squares of Jerusalem, each one holding his staff because of his age” (v. 4b). He was not talking about Heaven, because there is no aging or arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases there. The elders would carry a staff, but not because of illness, since Jesus took our ills.

Where the Gospel comes, from there the demons must come out. As in ancient Israel, which had problems only when the people sinned, so it is today with converts. Before they call me radical because of this statement, it is good to remember: the hardest thing is for people to see their sins and change their attitude. So much so that when they suffer harm, they do not think twice about hiding their mistake, saying they have not tampered with or stolen. Pity!

To sin is to miss the mark. When we know God’s will but disobey Him, we stray from the right path. Those who claim never to have transgressed are the greatest wanderers. Therefore, we must take an introspective examination to see if we remain in faith or not (2 Cor. 13: 5). If so, confess your iniquity to God!

Zacharias announced: the streets would be filled with children playing safely. This is not what we see in our land so marked by violence. But the revelation of the prophet will indeed happen, because the Lord’s promises are infallible. But for that to happen, we must preach Christ’s sweet and powerful saving Message, showing His sacrifice on the cross for us. The Good News is not religion, but life in abundance (John 10:10b).

The proposed change will come true as we go around the world and teach the Good News, putting into action the same power used by the Son of God everywhere. Demons must be cast out; the diseases healed and the oppressed released. The lost must be converted, having their sins forgiven, and then be filled with the Holy Spirit. Does God still work? Yes of course!

In fact, we fail to observe this: we will marvel to see the power of the Most High working in our nation, and God will marvel as well. Escape the lies of the devil! Make the Lord joyful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Restorer of Jerusalem! The promise concerns not only the city of the great King, but all the saved and delivered from sin, who walk in Thy presence and do Thy work. Thank you for giving us abundant life!

The very old will fill our cities and, in order not to fall, will use walking sticks - Your statements about us, promises that will make them brave because they are in faith in Jesus. We await the outpouring of Your power!

We do not accept submission to the forces of the evil one, because we have been saved to give you the royal praise. By believing in Your Son, we will be met by You. Thus we cry out to be able to live by faith. Amen!


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