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30/12/2018 - THE LORD WAS WITH HIM

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So Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him and let none of his words [d]fall to the ground. 1 Samuel 3:19

One of the most beautiful affirmations that one may receive is that God is with him.  Samuel knew how to listen to the Lord, answer to his call and honor the Author of his life, standing out among the judges of the holy people.  Likewise, those who surrender the control of their lives to the Most High, and remember to follow and obey all His commands will also be blessed.

The natural and the spiritual growth happen normally, as long as the person is properly nourished and exercises in a healthy manner.  Nevertheless, few are able to have the Lord with them.  Unfortunately, even among God’s people there are those who will not submit to Him.  Therefore, they miss out on the good that would be forthcoming if they acceded to do what the Most High had purposed for them.  

Samuel would not have come to be if Hannah had decided against her dream of being a mother, since she was barren.  As a soldier of the heavenly army, she went before her Commander and presented her problem, her dream and the promises He had said to His people (Exodus 23:25, 26).  If she had not faced the battle to be free of her sterility, Hannah would have to settle with Him who had planned Samuel’s life and ministry. 

Likewise, Samuel would not have been great before the Lord, if he had not purposed and applied to learn the Word and hear the voice that called to instruct him and make him a true servant, prepared and ready to be used.  Pay attention to everything that God has to tell you, meditate on the Bible and never consider yourself special or that in your case there is no longer any solution. 

When God is with a person, it is soon evident that this person has something more in her thoughts, prayers and actions.  Her way of seeing and reacting to situations is very different from those who are so-called “normal”.  By the way, normal is to be used by the Most High like Jesus was.  Christ stated that whoever believed in Him would do the same works that He did, even greater (John 14:12).  It is never normal to consider yourself as of God and not do according to what He said – this is to call Him a liar.

Every servant of God is meek, peaceful, friend to all and gentle with the members of the divine family.  There is no way you can fail in the battles of life, if you are dedicated to learn the Truth, have applied effort in prayer and fasting and avoided the sins that are always surrounding us.  Believe in the Scriptures and start to serve God in a simple but effective way.  This is how one pleases Him. 

If you have not been the person that God desires, return to His feet and settle yourself right with Him.  Each day gone by away from the presence of the Lord, you will be drawn further and further from the position He has determined for those who serve Him with fullness of heart.  Samuel’s words were fulfilled and the same must be said of yours.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord!  You created us to grow to the measure that Your fingers formed and shaped us, determining our physical and spiritual stature.  Just like the physical aspect give us the Bread of Heaven for our development. 

When You are with us, we not only have conditions to face problems, but we defeat the challenges from the infernal kingdom with regards to the preaching of the Gospel. Father,  we want to perform our work as You have ordained. 

If You are on our side, nothing that we must prophecy and deliver to the needy and lost will stumble and fall away.  This way, we will fulfill what was planned for us. We have to obey Your orders.  Amen!


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