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When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” John 5.6

When Jesus approaches a person, it is to change their life. In Bethesda, in the midst of so many dying, He saw a man who had been lying there for a long time. See, the Lord comes close to those who need the help that only He can give: total liberation. This blessing of the Son of God is intended for our soul, body, and spirit. He is the complete and perfect Savior of humanity!

Perhaps you are suffering without any prospect that the problems will be solved because, after all, you have tried several options to solve them, but nothing has worked. However, if God approaches you, your heart will soon feel that He is different from everyone whom you have sought or believed. He is the absolute Truth and does not speak of hypotheses, but of the certainty of ridding you of the forces of darkness. The Lord is your Refuge and His Fortress!

Jesus’ question to the man made sense, because being there for so long without a cure showed that something had to change within him. Likewise, people seeking divine healing must do their part, such as knowing the liberating Truth. Now that sick man was standing before Truth himself. When someone hears the Lord, they feel that the situation will improve, and it does improve. God is Faithful!

Right now, the Most High is asking you the same question, and the answer you give may change your story completely. The man said, Lord, I have no man that, when the water is stirred, put me in the pool (John 5: 7). Now it is Jesus’ presence that stireth up the waters, and not the physical moving of an angel, which would be good. the Master showed that paralytic that He came with power to deliver him from suffering. Christ is before you now!

If you have never had your moment with God, take this opportunity. The waters have been stirred by Him, so you can be healed. Say your prayer to the Father. If you have any hidden sin, confess it to the Lord. If you have given someone financial or moral harm, promise to recompose yourself with that person. Then determine their healing by rebuking evil and rising to enjoy the new life in Christ. He really loves him!

Your answer to God cannot contain any cleverness. If you use any gimmicks, you will not receive the blessing. Be sincere, cry out for the Lord’s mercy, and do what you should have done a long time ago. Jesus came into your life to change you completely. From now on, after settling with Him, take your first steps firmly and precisely. Nothing more from the devil will defeat him, because those set free by Jesus are truly free. Hallelujah!

In responding to Jesus, do so in word as well as deed. There is no point in saying yes without assuming your new position before God. He is looking for you, ready to push you, help you, and support you as long as you don’t back down your decision. Want to stay healthy in soul, body and spirit? You already know what to do, don’t you? Now it’s up to you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our King! Your lessons rejoice our soul, shake our body, and set our spirit free. Therefore, we always want to learn from You. He who despises You does not know how much He will suffer in life and after death. Have mercy!

We take the question that Your Son has asked the paralytic for us and respond with attitudes that prove our faith in You. You promised that we would never be confused; just be in your presence. We need your forgiveness!

Thank you for loving us, leading us by Your Spirit, and giving us the blessings that belong to those who hear You. There is much more to us; therefore, we count on your help. Help us to remain in you!


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