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12/02/2019 - THE LORD´S DELIGHT

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Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, But a just weight is His delight. Proverbs 11.1

Abomination is something that causes rebuff or disgust. This is exactly what the Lord feels for those who discriminate others. He looks at one who steals an individual of their right as a destroyer of other people’s happiness. This person will pay a high price for his demonic act. The right and best thing to do is to love people regardless of their qualifications and characteristics.

The Lord abominates anyone who causes harm to another person. We need to have the same attitude as Jesus. He was against any sort of discrimination. However, even people who claim to be Christians have committed such petty sin. They end up using the misleading scale instead of recognizing the merits of the other person, and using the right scale. Unequal treatment is simply unacceptable to God.

It is sad to see a person reject another person because of their color, their birth place, their culture or religion. The apostle Paul told Timothy that he should not let others despise his youth (1 Timothy 4:12). When contempt is accepted, it will hurt other people. Over time, this will hurt you a lot. Why use the misleading scale if we are all equal before God (James 2: 2)?

Perhaps someone does not believe like we do, because we have not been good examples as servants of God. If that person refuses to know the Truth, it is because we are not walking in the Truth. The Word speaks for itself. When we live it, it reaches those who are next to us and shows them that Christ is the Way. Live your life in such a way that everyone sees God in you.

A man should not feel he is superior to a woman. The rich must never disdain the poor. Now, what if he were in the place of the needy? We have to respect even those who are in the world of crime. We do not know what led them to surrender to the powers of darkness. Our mission is to preach freedom to the captives, as the Scriptures declare: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me [i]to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” (Luke 4:18, 19).

Do you get upset if someone disdains you? Yes, of course. Then treat everyone respectfully. Otherwise, people will feel inferior and might become a problem for society. Show consideration to your brother, and that will please the Lord. Why be ruthless if a just weight is God’s delight? Jesus taught you to do to your neighbor what you would like them to do for you (Matthew 22:39).

When we are respectful, we show that we love the Heavenly Father. Pass on to the world the real value of life. Let God delight in your behavior. We all came from Adam and Noah; therefore, we should be fair to each other.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Righteous and true God! Man is so far from You, immersed in selfishness! Your eyes can not contemplate the lie of racial inequality, nor the difference of rights between man and woman. You made us equal!

We do not want to be people who cause you grief and disgust. We must respect the limits, without ever advancing into someone's territory. Deliver us from the spirit of error, which convinces some people to live exactly as the devil likes. We are Yours only!

We want to be to our neighbor the same as You are to us, and please You. The lie of considering ourselves better than others should never exist amongst us. May we rejoice in helping our brothers at all times! Amen!


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