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When He came in, He said to them, “Why make this commotion and weep? The child is not dead, but sleeping.”  Mark 5:39

Jesus´ message sparks different reactions. Because it’s true, it immediately fights the deceits and leads some to complain. However, those that understand the moment they hear it or some time later, certainly thank for the good it did to them. If we speak the truth we must not be worried with positive or negative replies. The Lord knows what He says! 

They laughed because they didn´t know anything good from their religion, except the events in the past. Right before them was the same God that had delivered them so many times. Christ came to give solution to their problems, but they didn’t open their heart to be blessed. But those who received Him as the One sent by God had their needs met. Those who mocked Him didn’t know how much they were losing. 

Jesus always spoke the truth, that´s why His determinations or prayers were answered. If we follow His example, we will also be successful. The secret lies in fulfilling the Word´s guidelines. Every time we are reading the Bible or listening to the preaching of the Word, we must stay alert because the Holy Spirit will speak to our heart.  

When you are talking about Scriptures at church, or to a person but the listeners don´t understand the message of the Cross, don´t be discouraged, because God´s work is just beginning in those lives. With time, the seed that was sowed in them will produce according to divine plan. Those of the Lord have defeated death and the enemy´s power; therefore, don´t remove the seed or offend others. 

Today it is common to see people agitated, disturbed, or using drugs and indulging in pornography. This happens also because we are not spreading the real message conveyed by the Lord, nor are we using the power from on High to terminate people´s sufferings. Then, as an escape or guided by the devil, such people think that drugs and promiscuity help them relax. That is such a lie! 

People are born separate from God and until they are saved by Jesus, they are considered spiritually dead. However, if they are under the anointing from on High, if they heard the Word through us and believed in the Lord, they will be saved and resurrected to a life of fulfillment. Only the Gospel must be preached like Jesus did. Thus, we will obtain the same results. 

It´s good never to forget that we are carriers of the message of resurrection and eternal life in the Heavens. Those that believe in it will see death, but will head towards life. Those who resist the Holy Spirit, who speaks through the Word, are missing the great opportunity to be saved. When we preach the Good News, we offer the abundant life brought by Christ (John 10:10b). Think about this and make your decision! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We cannot conform to the world´s chaotic situation, but we must present salvation to all people. Then, we will see children, teens, adults and elders go back to life. You are the great God! 

We have Your power in us to do what Jesus did constantly. Help us understand our responsibility and give others the solution to their problems, healing to their infirmities and the joy of being justified in Christ!

You are exactly what You say You are and You do what You have done throughout the ages. Thus, nothing will prevent us from speaking of Your love. When people partake of the life in Jesus, they will also spread the Good News. Amen! 


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