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Men shall speak of the might of Your awesome acts, And I will declare Your greatness. Psalm 145:6

The Lord gives us words that no one can withstand. However, if we remain speechless without speaking what is necessary, many will continue to suffer. We have seen people´s problems and ours grow, and that´s not a good thing. The evil we do to others causes our peace go away. The worst is that we have hurt God´s work, and we will be held accountable for that.

Now, the gift is within us, but we have to awaken it. If we don’t do our share, the blood of many will be demanded from our hands, and what will we do? There is only one way out: to believe in the Lord and to obey His commands. One must meditate on Jesus’ example, His deeds and teachings. We will do well to avoid the doctrines of man, which contaminate and destroy those who are not established in the Rock.

God’s achievements are awesome – phenomenal – and they convince even the toughest sinners. They need to happen for the Lord to be glorified. The Church of Jesus cannot be a reason for ridicule on the part of those who live in darkness, but a place where everyone can get rid of the enemy´s oppression. If that happens, the Father will be known and loved.

When the great works of the Most High are carried out in our favor and through us, people from everywhere will come to us, and the news will spread from one to another. Then, the heavenly Father will be truly glorified in us, by His Son. This is the Church’s mission: to gather those who live far from the light and lead them to God. We were reached to reach the lost, not to take control of the nation.

The revival so desired and much awaited begins within us, when we submit to God. What separates us from the Father is the sin hidden in the heart and mind. It is necessary to confess them immediately with the sincerity of one who knows the Truth and does not want to sin against it. When we are forgiven, we will see the anointing return to our heart and we will be ready to do the works that Christ did.

The result of a life on the altar of sincerity, without hiding anything, with the forgiveness of sins, is the desire to tell everyone about the greatness of God. He is greater than our desires, temptations and everything that we have been given to accomplish. Whoever is in fellowship with God does the same things that Jesus worked in His days, and even greater works. Hallelujah!

Tell the Lord about the greatness you see in Him. Thus, you will be able to tell those in the devil’s hands how easy it is to get rid of that filthy and wicked being. For those who are in error, God’s forgiveness is the best they can receive in life. Then, there will be other blessings to come. Do good, carrying out the divine will and be blessed. Thus, you will treasure for eternal life!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of awesome acts! We thank You for awaking us, anointing and preparing us to be used in Your work. The devil has blinded Your Church, and some of Your children let unbelief dwell in their hearts. Forgive them!

We want to tell You about the strength of Your formidable deeds, but we have embraced what You don't like. Father, deliver us from ourselves, from the mistakes so common to men that occur even to the most holy of men.

Deliver us from the cunning of the evil one! As Your children, we need to follow Your guidance. Now, once we have been forgiven and anointed, we will return to fulfill them with love and dedication. Help us to speak of Your greatness. Amen!


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