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Then the men of the city said to Elisha, “Please notice, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees; but the water is bad, and the ground barren.”                                                                                             2 Kings 2.19

We don’t know why those citizens never talked to Elijah about the problem they exposed to Elisha, but Elisha understood that it came from God and was ready to give the solution immediately. The leader must always be in communion with the Most High, never to say something that will never come true. A life dedicated to the divine presence, through Bible reading and prayer, will never be considered a waste. We must continually live before the Lord!

Then the men of the city of Jericho went to the prophet, because the disciples did not want to do more than they should. We must know our limits, otherwise we will always ask for forgiveness for making decisions or speaking meaningless words. Those who wish to learn should listen to everything that is said and speak little of what they think. In this way they will learn to behave decently at all times. To God be the glory forever!

No doubt the sons of the prophets observed the sensible way in which the men of Jericho approached Elisha and laid before him their request. The answer came immediately, telling them what they should do. Today, we consult the Lord in the Holy Book, with all respect. There we find all the answers prepared by the Most High, so that His people can be guided to the Way they must follow. God is good and wise!

The men of Jericho were prudent when they approached the prophet, and that made a lot of difference. The disciples, on the other hand, by insisting on sending the fifty mighty men to look for Elijah, went too far and were hardly reprimanded. Their inconvenience almost reached the limit and made Elisha stay in Jericho. News of the new prophet and how God was working in and through him grew, and the men of the city came to tell him of their problems.

We must be ready to minister the Lord’s blessing on anyone who approaches us with petitions. They said that the habitation of the place was good, but the waters and the land were no good. Elisha understood and was ready to help them. It is no use for the man of God to advertise what he can do by faith if the result of his prayers is not satisfactory. The people follow only the fearless and powerful captain, never the weak!

Jericho had a curse on it ever since its walls fell down by the power of the Israelites’ faith, who marched around it for seven days and on the seventh, shouted at the top of their voices, and it all came crashing down. Joshua, the commander of Israel, put a curse on Jericho, saying that the one who rebuilt it would be cursed (Joshua 6.26). Years later, Hiel paid the price set by Joshua (1 Kings 16:34). But it took a while for the full blessing to come!

The men of that city respectfully went to Elisha and told him about it. He soon knew how to act and did so. This shows that the Lord does not keep a curse on a place, for, the if the price had been paid, the place will be free from all evil. Jesus paid the price for Adam’s fall, so you can live well!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of restoration! With the care of those who did not know how to speak, but wanted to see Jericho built up again - after all, centuries had passed since its taking and destruction - the men there went to Your servant and spoke of the water and the land, and the help they needed. Father, look at us!

Adam sinned, but Jesus replaced us on the Cross. Therefore, all who accept Him can enjoy life at the highest level. Christ himself told us to preach the Good News. Elisha was the Good News for Jericho and so life was restored there. Yours is the glory!

It does not matter how people came into the world, but how their lives will change if they hear the Good News. Whoever believes in You is delivered from evil. I cry out on behalf of those who pray with me, that they may be fully blessed and delivered!


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