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When her neighbors and relatives heard how the Lord had shown great mercy to her, they rejoiced with her. Luke 1:58

Elizabeth´s story of having given birth to a healthy boy, son of two elders, and having him breastfed is unbelievable to anyone who does not know the Lord. In fact, mankind´s greatest tragedy is not the manipulation done by the dictators, but the fact that millions of people don´t know Him who made us in His image and likeness from the dust of the earth for an exceptional purpose.

John the Baptist was perfectly healthy, and his neighbors said it was simply by divine mercy. The Lord cared for him in the same way that He cares for those who, go through the new birth, and are part of His family. Elizabeth didn´t lack any nutrients, not even the ones a pregnant woman needs to produce for her baby to stay healthy. In addition, she had no problems in childbirth.

God preserved man until the coming of Jesus, when Satan and his demons were forever stripped of the authority acquired when Adam and Eve submitted to them. The loss caused by the fall in the Garden of Eden was much greater than we know, but we do not have to grieve over it because Jesus destroyed the devilish works. The evil one cannot oppress or subject us today. 

At that time, the devil walked around the world as if he owned it. However, the Lord did not rest until He provided us some refreshment – the enemy´s defeat. Today, when attacked by any problem, have faith and don’t allow it to rise up against you or place any evil in your body or mind. If the work of the enemy at Eden had repercussions on us, then that which God did in Jesus, on the Cross, must also reverberate in our life. Amen?  

The Most High always cared for humanity, His flock. Therefore, be available to Him, so that the Gospel may reach every creature, as is His desire (Mark 16:15). God´s love was poured out to set man free from the clutches of the evil one. Therefore, join the Lord so that our generation, in all parts of the world, will have the opportunity to hear the message that saves. Be a servant of God!

Today, the Lord only needs to hear “yes” from people in order to save them, forgiving their offenses. Have you heard divine voice directing you to help in world evangelization? Jesus did everything for man to be saved, so follow His guidance. Elizabeth was a servant of God, and, since everything went well, her neighbors rejoiced with her and talked about divine mercy. Give glory to the heavenly Father!

Undoubtedly, divine mercy has also reached your life. Therefore, the devil cannot oppress you. In fact, this will only happen if you despise your rights in Christ to live free of any diabolical influence. The saved don´t have to submit any longer to the lies of Hell, but be instruments in the hands of the Almighty!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! You did many good works in Elizabeth. Not only was she able to birth in her old age, she was able to breastfeed little John. The battle for men´s salvation will be fought with Your beautiful work! 

Many people are like our neighbors. They rejoice when hearing what You do through us, but they still don´t have Your presence. Enable us to show that our calling is Your work. They need to know You are Lord! 

Because of Adam´s sin, the loss of men is much greater than one can imagine, however it does not surpass the damage that the like of faith in the Gospel can cause. Help us to reach the lost with the Truth. Amen!


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