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They went up over the mountains; They went down into the valleys, to the place which You founded for them.   Psalms 104:8

It is amazing to see the movement of waters in obedience to what the Creator had commanded. They went up over the mountains, down into the valleys and occupied the place that had been prepared for them, according to the Lord’s foreknowledge. There wasn’t any lack or excess. This teaches us to move forward with the work, allowing Him to take care of the details. All our prayers will be answered if we are obedient to the Almighty One’s commands. Hallelujah!

If we look to the wind, we won’t sow. Thinking from a spiritual perspective, if Christians are being persecuted in a given nation, it shouldn’t be any reason for us to fear. Scriptures declare that nothing will cause us harm (Isaiah 54:17, Mark 16:18), as long as we’re acting under divine orders. The servants of God can’t choose when or where they will serve, but they should follow the instructions of the One who knows it all. The Lord will be with them forever!

In the days of Noah, the floodgates of the great abyss were opened – which can also be understood as the oceans – and the windows of heaven were opened for the rain to fall during 40 days and 40 nights (Genesis 7:11). The rain lasted until all the earth was flooded. The high mountains were submerged. Every living creature died, but Noah survived!

Someone might ask: “Where did the waters come from?” Well, in Genesis 1:7, it says: Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. In this division, part of the waters was below the expansion and another part above the expansion. Because He is God, He can hide the waters of the oceans in a bucket. Afterall, He is the Almighty God (Isaiah 40:11-18). Man should do nothing except believe!

Some believe that when all this water came down from heaven, such heavy weight caused  the mountains to stick out more, and therefore, cause higher elevations. The truth is: those who aren’t saved will never know what truly happened. How did the lion stay beside the lamb inside the ark for over a year without eating it? God took care of all the details. Besides that, the smell inside the ark was bearable even with so many animals inside. That is a miracle!

The waters went up over the moutains and down into the valleys, to the place where the Lord founded for them; to the place He had already planned, even before everything came into existence. The Father knows about things that haven’t happened yet, and that’s why we should seek His presence. Without Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5). Those who learn from the Word receive the capacity of believing in Jesus. God is always good to us!

Christ said He would go to heaven and prepare a place for us (John 14:3) and, when He returned, He’d take us to our perfect home. Follow the Master and remain in His presence today and for eternity. Without Him no one will be saved, but they will be in the worst place they could be: the lake of fire and sulfur. Take care!  

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God whom we obey! We want to learn from the waters, which went to the places You determined. You are our God; we owe You complete loyalty and we want to be where You send us!

Jesus said the truth: He came to give us life in abundance. So we must know You to occupy the position idealized by You. You are worried about our well-being! Thank You!

Help us as we read the Word, as we pray and rebuke forces of darkness. In order to do Your work, we need You beside us. We long to be blessed children; that way, we will honor and love You!


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