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24/04/2021 - THE OIL OF GLADNESS

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You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions. Psalms 45:7

God has more than we ask for or imagine to give us (Ephesians 3:20). He is our Father and He cares about His children. That’s why if there’s something better for this moment of grace and mercy we live in, He will clothe us with His power. On today’s verse, the Lord says that if we love righteousness and hate wickedness, He will anoint us with the oil of gladness, so that nothing will take away our joy. With this anointing, we will be able to serve Him better!

This biblical text speaks first about Jesus, who received such anointing. However, the Savior said that we have received the same Spirit which anointed Him. If we can enjoy this virtue, why can’t we receive the same oil that was upon Him? We’re not creating a new doctrine, but reading and understanding what has been freely given to us in Christ. Let’s represent the Lord with justice!

Everyone should love justice, doing their best to please God in this aspect; those who do that will be promoted. In the Old Testament, the Israelites sinned in Baal of Peor, and one of them presented a Midianite woman to Moses to commit a sinful act. The others asked him not to commit such a sin, but he wouldn’t listen to them. Phineas killed both of them with a javelin, and God considered him a righteous man (Numbers 25:6-8).

When we witness any wrong spiritual works which could lead people to perdition, we should get inside our room, close the door and pray to our Father, who sees everything. He will reward us (Matthew 6:6). When God gives His order to end what’s leading people to perdition, He will consider your attitude as an act of justice. Without a doubt, you will be blessed with a reward. You can solve anything inside your room with the door closed.

It is not necessary to use human strength or the law to destroy the actions of the enemy. Just pray against them in the name of Jesus. That way, the works of evil won’t exist anymore and the people who were inclined to do evil, will repent and become servants of the Most High. Those who have been anointed by the Lord should serve Him in a holy and pleasing way. God is faithful in everything. Believe!

Those who despise guidance from the Most High have no idea what they’re throwing away. Without a doubt, they won’t be rescued when they need His help. Our focus as Christians shouldn’t just be to prosper and see our families doing well. All that can be given to us as long as we give God our time, our youth and our energy. The reward will be amazing!

Once your partners in faith witness the Lord using you, they will also look for divine anointing so they will do good things for the Kingdom of Heaven, and they will also have the opportunity of being used as instruments by God. The Most High is faithful at all times. Therefore, align yourself to Him and be truly happy. 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! It is great to live by Your side, enjoying Your goodness and mercy and being called Your children. Forgive us when we are wrong and don’t consider us Your enemies. We don’t want to be away from You.

Come bless us and give us Your love and assistance. We long to live by Your side, fulfilling Your will. Please rebuke us when we’re wrong. We are Yours, dear Father!

Thank You for the oil of gladness, for the opportunities of loving justice and hating wickedness. This is pleasing to us! Give us more work. We love what Jesus did for us when He died, and we will do our best to fulfill Your orders. 


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