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Suddenly a man from the multitude cried out, saying, “Teacher, I implore You, look on my son, for he is my only child. Luke 9:38

God sent a great multitude to Jesus, but only one man asked the Master to look out for his son. How many had gone there for the purpose of being helped in their necessities: healing of illnesses, relief from spiritual oppressions, etc… but were content to see the son of that man being delivered? Never forget what it is that you need; otherwise, the devil will distract you from the purpose that took you to seek the Lord. 

Don’t be convinced by the idea that what is important is the neighbor’s happiness, thinking that the Almighty might not want you to have your health restored, a happy marriage, children and the necessary means to live decently and enjoying the good things created by Him. If you do, the devil will make you feel special and that you should do good to others, forgetting about yourself. Does this come from God?

The brother to the prodigal son was upset when the father received the youngest who had wasted his part of the inheritance in worldly pleasures. Indignant he said that his father had never given him a party but only to the youngest. Surprised, the father answered: You are always with me and all that is mine is yours (Luke 15:11-32). The moral of the story: don’t limit yourself when you request what you want. 

According to the letter of James, we have not received because we do not ask or because we do not ask well (James 4:2,3). It is wise and good to search and examine the Scriptures concerning prayers of petition and receiving what God has for you. The Lord is perfect and there is nothing impossible for Him. However, besides imperfect we are lazy to study the Word and late in believing His teachings, reason why He cannot bless us.  

Someone may have ten children, but if one is being attacked by the powers of Hell, that one must be rescued by the only power that can deliver anyone from evil – the Lord. During Judgment Day no excuses will be accepted. Those that deny the Word and do things in any manner will not be admitted to Heaven. 

Jesus sees further than man, because He sees the cause of the disease, the extent of evil and what needs to be done to deliver the lost from the hellish acts. The Almighty does not want to hear that we failed or that we gave in to the flesh, to illicit wealth or any other temptation that tries to remove us from His hands. Don’t infuriate our God with your attitudes, but make Him happy with your faith. 

The power that He gives us is enough to bring us deliverance, salvation, healing, prosperity and further blessings provided by Jesus in His death. To deny the gifts of God can lead you to be sent to the kingdom of darkness as is the case with the person that received a mina and hid it (Luke 19:20-26). What do you say?

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God! We cannot cross our arms and declare that although we prayed You did not want to answer us. We cannot believe in a twisted manner, but we must be true and confess our sins, telling You everything we desire!

We also have to learn to do what is good and under Your instruction help the poor, the sick and other people to know You and be delivered from evil, because this is pleasing to You. 

Look at the children that were born at our home. Therefore You will be glorified for having helped us lead them to salvation. Nothing will stop us from loving You and doing Your holy will. That our lives may praise You.


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