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“I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” Mark 2.11

The example of Jesus regarding the power to order that what the Father has determined should be done must be strictly followed. The house in Capernaum was full, and He did not leave it for later. After Christ forgave the man of his sins before the people who murmured against this attitude, there was no longer any reason for the sick to be prostrated in that bed.

It is good to remember that Mestre taught the Truth, which, being known, frees the human being from any oppression and sequel to the sin of which he was a prisoner. Jesus did not pray for God to heal man, as we do, but, with authority, I told him to get up, take his bed and go home. The Son of God knew His position before the Father!

Upon entering Nain, along with His disciples and many people, Christ saw a crowd leaving the city. They carried a dead young man to bury, and his mother continued to cry beside the coffin. The Savior had compassion on her and told her not to cry. When He touched the coffin, those who carried it stopped. Then he ordered the dead man to get up; so the deceased sat and began to speak. Jesus handed him over to his mother (Lk 7: 11-15).

Without a doubt, we have lost several battles, because we do not believe correctly. Letting fear rule your heart will steal faith when it comes to determining that the work is complete. We must learn from the Savior by the way he acted and do the same. But are we really believing in God and serving Him, or does our faith only function in part as a religious excuse? The Lord has set an example!

It is said of a man who, talking to his pastor, said that he loved God with all his heart and was ready to give all what he had. The pastor noticed that he had an expensive ring on his fingers and tried him, saying: “Brother, are you ready to give anything to the Lord?” ‘Yes,’ he said. “Then, give Him this ring.” But he stepped back, blushed and said, “No, not this one.” The pastor smiled!

When man, in fact, believes in God, he will be used in a different way than we have seen until today. The Word does not fail, but as long as we have sins, how will we be answered? Jesus lived before the Father in holiness and truth, to the point of saying that He and the Father were One (John 10.30). The Master prayed so that we could also be one with the Father. And being in that position, we will have the same authority!

As long as we seek human glory, living like the wicked, things will not work for us. We must do the Lord’s will and really live like Him: How can you believe, who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from the only God? (Jn 5.44). ‘What are you going to do? The future of the divine work depends on our surrender, submission and obedience to the Almighty! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, true and only Lord! We want to have power, but we don't submit to You. We know that the Word is the Truth, but the priority, which is to fulfill Your will, as Jesus did, does not occupy the first place in us. Help us!

We love You, but we haven't done it with our whole hearts. Thus, Your will has not been done through us as it should. We managed to give you a little love, but we would like to give you more. Help us to surrender to You!

As much as we speak, we are still far from our position in faith in Christ. The world needs to see in us the same thing that it saw in Your Son. Therefore, we ask for Your help. Father! Raise people who really come close to where Jesus stood to serve You!


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