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07/02/2022 - THE PATH OF FAITH

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He commanded them to take nothing for the journey except a staff—no bag, no bread, no copper in their money belts. Mark 6.8

The teaching given by the Master is complete for those who are willing to do God’s will. Those who learn from Him will never stumble, because once instructed by the Creator, they will know how to get out of any embarrassing or threatening situation. Jesus’ disciples learn to treat people well, leading them to solve their own problems and those of their relatives. Led by the Lord, we will always win!

The mission of the six pairs of apostles was the first that the world would know, for they were prepared to overcome tribulations, using only their faith in Christ. God’s envoys will never be without His wonderful presence, but will succeed in their callings. Once, the disciples were unable to deliver a young lunatic, and Jesus asked them how long He would bear with them (Mark. 9.14-27). Pray!

The disciples were not to take anything on the way, but count on the providence of the Lord, who had already ordered some people to receive them at home, giving them lodging and food. Today, it will be no different. Although this custom is not used anymore because of the widespread violence, the Most High has the means to keep us from the hellish threats. Those who trust in the Lord have the best reception. Hallelujah!

For the path we are about to walk nothing needs to be taken. The Holy Spirit will give us the right direction. It is also worth remembering that in these days of violence, God will guide His own, so that they will lack nothing. In fact, we only need to follow His daily guidance, for the divine anointing breaks every yoke. The time is coming for the world to behold the great revival that will shake the four corners of the Earth. God is faithful!

Today, we have a spiritual staff, which enables us to take the sheep by the legs, and a greater object of defense than the staff of Jesus’ days. At that time, they needed to defend themselves against the beasts that would bother them, but as for today, we have the Name of the Lord to bind the demons, which are our greatest threat. In all things we are more than conquerors (Romans 8.37), for God has equipped us with His power!

If you are filled with the Spirit, be assured: the Name of the Lord will make you victorious in your mission. Go prepared for God to open the doors and give you the victory you need, regardless of the trial. Follow the guidance of the Most High and expect divine goodness over your life. It has never been easier to love God and do His will, as long as the disciple is willing to submit to Him.

It is beautiful to go out into the world to hold powerful and evangelism meetings in squares, city streets, and auditoriums. It is beautiful to see people bringing their friends, as well as those who have been invited receiving blessings and returning with others to be set free as well. There will always be great joy when the sick are healed. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God of effective strategies! You are an Expert in everything, and being used by You to bring people deliverance from evil works causes people to come back with friends and relatives to be blessed as well. This pleases You and You help us.

May we never forget that the work is Yours! Therefore, whatever happens in these meetings will be for Your glory and Your praise. We want to be useful in Your hands just like Jesus was. Then, we will see the lost surrender their hearts to You and walk in Your ways!

Your anointing and guidance are enough for us! In the Name of Jesus, we paralyze every work of evil. This Name works healing in the sick and deliverance in the oppressed, taking away every addiction and other aberrations that imprison them!


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