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Therefore I said, “Surely these are poor. They are foolish; For they do not know the way of the Lord, The judgment of their God. Jeremiah 5:4

The pain of the prophet Jeremiah in relation to the spiritual situation of his people is the same that invades the interior of those who know the Word of God today. In fact, the same sin dominates the people. Many are not interested in knowing the way out, nor do they bother to seek the Lord. It is necessary to preach the Word, which is like a hammer that breaks down the rock of hearts.

There is no other definition for these people, other than recognizing that they are poor and, therefore, when their lives end here, they will be sent to eternal torment. Only the Holy Spirit can awaken them to eternal reality, convincing them of the sin in which they live, of the judgment and divine justice that they could use to live well and be freed from evil.

Madness takes over the sinner. Before his eyes, he only sees silver, gold and other values, which will not guarantee his entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. Why fill the house with decorations when he is not sure that his sins have been forgiven? Now, the Holy Spirit is not in him. The things of the world will remain here, but the diploma of eternal life is permanent.

The spirit of madness seeks to inhabit any human being, poor or rich, cultured or uneducated, making him act evil. The devil wants to destroy men, taking those who are not yet saved to his kingdom. However, as for the saved, he continues in his desperate attempt to get them out of the presence of God.

Those who do not know the way of the Lord do not care about their actions or what they will face during eternity, because they lack fear of God. This prevents him from leaving the realm of evil, because he puts actions on the same level. However, when he is in eternal torment, he will scream forever, when he is tormented by the grinding of teeth and the endless crying. Be wise and return now to the Father!

The divine judgment will be without mercy, so take this opportunity, accepting Jesus, who bought your salvation. Drop this filthy world! He will forgive you and still save your entire home (Acts 16.31). You don’t want to get lost, nor do you want your family to get lost too, right? So, convert and leave sin behind!

God is good and wants to see you triumph. He will receive you as a beloved son, forgiving and sanctifying him entirely. Next, your prayers will be heard, and divine power will be at your side to protect you. Be a good person. Talk to the Lord right now!

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! When we understand a little more of Your will, we are filled with sadness, and tears flow from our eyes. It is unfortunate to see individuals hardened by inequities.

They are poor in spirit, because they do not listen to You or understand what You say about the lost. Humanity will be condemned for not accepting Your correction. Mercy!

Help us to carry the precious message of restoration and forgiveness to those who are unaware of Who You are and the judgment of eternity. Illuminate them and lead them to Your beautiful presence. Amen!


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