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Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad. Proverbs 12:25

In the biblical context, anxiety is exaggerated worrying. People who are in this condition are seeking what they think they need in life. The sons of God must learn to give Him the trust He deserves. The king’s officer went to Jesus in search of healing for his son who was dying in Capernaum. That man was so apprehensive that he wouldn’t listen to the Master, but insisted that He would come down and minister healing (John 4:46,47).

This father insisted that the Master came with him, so He would see the miracle happening (John 4:49). Well, in that condition, the young man would die even if Christ went there. However, the Lord told the father to go home, guaranteeing that the young man was already healed (John 4:50), and he was truly healed (v. 51). Exacerbated worrying makes people desperate, and that is all the devil needs to finish off his work.

When people don’t reach their goal, they grow weary and start blaming themselves for not being better. Well, this is what happens to those who don’t know the Word of God. It’s great to be someone who uses their strength to fight, but when the expected results aren’t achieved, don’t allow anything to come into your heart. Leave the battle victoriously, but with health. Allowing evil to bring you down isn’t something that should happen to servants of the Lord.

The heaviness in that case isn’t just mental, but it affects the whole body. The immunological system stops working as it should when we are filled with anxiety, which then leads to infirmities in the body. Jesus said that no matter how anxious we are, we won’t be able to add one cubit to our stature (Luke 12:25). Solicitude in the heart doesn’t help at all, it only contributes for the situation to get worse. God is faithful!

By seeking the Lord, we will find the good Word, which comes to raise us up. When we have God’s direction to destroy the problems we are living in, we will rejoice. The Scriptures declare that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10). God’s joy gives us the capacity to execute the work just as He desires. God wants to end our difficulties; so we must believe in Him!

When you feel like a verse in the Bible gives you hope, filling up your heart with joy, praise God right away. Afterall, He has come to bless you! In that word is the power to do what He announces. No declaration from the Lord is powerless, and they will never go back to Him without doing what was determined. Believe in Him and rest. He is good!

With the Word of faith in your heart, you will find strength to knock down evil that was sent to destroy you. Then, with your spirit strengthened in the name of Jesus, you can turn to your problem and command it to disappear and never come back. Everything you determine, in the name of the Lord, He will do so that the Father is glorified.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of the good Word! Why are we anxious if we have Your Word to protect our lives? You warned us that we’d face tribulation in the world, but You overcame the world and we will overcome it too!

The more we are downcast, the more we make a way for the enemy to oppress us, destroy our dreams and make us suffer. Therefore, rescue us, because without a doubt You will use us as You have promised. In You we will be successful!

We thank You for the good Word, that lifts us up and puts us in a position to attack the forces of darkness. Help us fight Your battles with wisdom and the assurance that we will be victorious by Your majestic name!


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