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Went out full, and the LORD has brought me home again empty. Why do you call me Naomi, since the LORD has testified against me, and the Almighty has afflicted me?”  Ruth 1.21

When Adam was created, he went through a strict quality control by the Creator. The Lord said that what he had made was good, complete and perfect (Genesis 1.31). However, as he walked through “other lands”, he sinned and was expelled from the garden of Eden, because he was no longer fit to live there (Genesis 3). Adam brought to his descendants the weakness of corruption at all levels. You can no longer find a person from whom you can say you are free from any suffering.

The couple Elimelech and Naomi left full. Judging from what Naomi said, they sold their possessions and went trading where there was prosperity. However, the father and two sons died of diseases. The wife returned with nothing, but the daughter-in-law proved to be her friend. Why are people influenced by the world and not by the Word of God? Many live outside of it.

Now, Naomi was no longer the “Pleasant One”, but Mara – the “Bitter One”. It is hard to believe that the enemy managed to destroy this family that, fleeing from famine, returned home with nothing. She also blamed the Lord, who must have reminded her of the dangers of going to a foreign land after money. There, she saw that the God of Israel was not worshiped, but strange gods, invented by the people. What to do?

Did the drought last ten years and even with her husband dead, she didn’t think of returning to Bethlehem? Like a casino gambler who loses every last penny, she and her children gambled until the last chip was gone. When she saw that there was only one alive, she continued in the casino of error and when she opened her eyes, she was without the resources to negotiate where the Lord was not accepted.

The worst of sins is when a person allows evil spirits to use her, and that’s exactly what the devil wants. Those who resort to them pay dearly for their error (Deuteronomy 18:9-14). Only the faithful can call upon the Lord and be heard. Unfortunately, many claim to be saved, but live in sin (Isaiah 59.1-3). Everywhere, we see people ignoring the Scriptures, as to the covenants made with unclean spirits, and this is a serious transgression.

Some cannot wake up from this nightmare. Even upon hearing about the wickedness of these entities, they still believe that sweet water will come out of the bitter fountain. Naomi acknowledged that she left with resources, but the adventure outside of good counsel emptied her purse. This story has been repeated in the lives of many. Now, when God does not run a business, the price will be too high. In the Gospel, there is freedom. Be vigilant!

It was Naomi’s conscience that testified against her bad attitude, not God. She was not the master of her life, but the Lord was, who rescued Israel from captivity in Egypt. Whoever does not bow before the Truth will live defeated at all times. Cry out!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of true righteousness! How can we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? It has been announced from the foundation of the world, but those who have not listened to You have only seen pain and suffering destroy them!

The name of the head of Naomi's household was Elimelech, which means "My God is royal - or king." It seems that they gave in to the deceitfulness of riches, and this prevented You from ruling their lives. Now, we don't want others ruling us, but only You.

Whoever leaves the land You have given does so full of good things, for it is rich and great. But those who do not seek Your guidance fall by the wayside, and those who return - will find themselves lacking resources. Forgive us when we err! Truly, we love You. Help us to live in You!


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