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And gave their land as a heritage, a heritage to Israel His people.   Psalm 135.12

As the Creator of all things, the Lord has the right to own what He has made into existence and give it to whomever His heart desires, as long as that person walks in His footsteps. This prerogative belongs to those who seek Him with all their hearts, living His commandments and judgments (John 14.21). For them, everything is possible to them, for when they turned from Adam’s fall, they become members of His Body, His inheritance (1 Corinthians 6.15). He who believes sees the glory of God!

Over the centuries, peoples went to Canaan and took control of that land. The Lord was not against any of them, but led them to understand His will. This also happened in Mesopotamia, where Abraham lived. However, since man is evil, he practiced what God deplores: sorcery and idolatry. However, Abraham observed the acts of his countrymen and saw the error, so he sought the Creator of all and found Him by faith!

Soon, the patriarch realized that serving only the Lord was the best decision, and he devoted himself to seeking the God who made man, as well as the Heaven and Earth and everything else. He told the Most High that he rejected those meaningless things, and then he came to understand what man needs to know. Sometime later, God told him that he should go to an unknown land, leaving his father’s house. Abraham believed and headed on such journey (read Genesis, chapter 12).

When we feel the divine voice troubling us, we should seek the Lord with prayers and supplications, which we will carry out with His help. Whoever desires to follow what is right has the Holy Spirit’s help. Although it may be difficult at first, one must start with faith and continue with it. In the end, you will be enveloped by the faith that the Almighty will give you (2 Timothy 4.7,8). To live by the Lord’s side is the best for man!

Abraham trusted God and got his destiny and his actions right along the way. Whoever trusts in the Most High will never stumble or be confused, because divine assistance will soon available to them. Whoever you are, choose to walk with God. I am not talking about religion, but about contributing to a better world by believing in the Scriptures. What doe you say?

The land of the inheritance of the sons of Jacob was physical, a symbol of the one we receive from the Lord and the true land, the understanding of what belongs to us in Jesus. With this, man is fulfilled, brings fire from Heaven, and strides toward the Kingdom of God. In the land given to us, we will lack nothing. Therefore, the Church must seek instruction from the Father and be guided with the eyes of the Savior (Psalm 25.4,5).

The writer of this Psalm emphasized that the land was an inheritance, and that means that God’s promises are our inheritance, to enjoy all that the Savior has purchased for us. Be strong enough and holy enough to never hinder the action of God’s Spirit, and be willing to take on the teachings of the Word. You are God’s representative in this generation, so believe and serve Him with joy and thankfulness. 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Giver of His land! We need to study the Gospel, the Good News of the work that Jesus did for us, so that we may be blessed in all we know. We are happy that You have brought us out of Babylon and into Your Kingdom!

There is no comparison to the life we had, when we lived without Your love and Your grace. Today we are no longer under the rule of the evil one, and Your Spirit comforts us day by day, drawing us closer and closer to You!

Help us to take this message to others, for with Your understanding, they will never again be deceived by the enemy, but will truly be fulfilled in Your Kingdom! They will love You and serve You faithfully!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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