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They have now surrounded us in our steps; They have set their eyes, crouching down to the earth.  Psalm 17:11

You know God’s children by their fear of the Word and their way of speaking. The envoys of the Father profess the Scriptures. Those who live around us without showing the love of God are our enemies. When they get a chance, they will show who they serve. No figs from the olive tree or olives from the fig tree are reaped. Be careful!

All people have goals in life, but only Christians live to please the Most High. Some lost look like sheep, but they are fierce goats. When their father tells them that the time has come to reveal who they serve, all that you have done for them will be in vain, because they will show that they were only seeking to take advantage of you.

David said our opponents are spying on our steps so that, at the right time, they can take advantage. Among them there is neither friendship nor gratitude for something done by someone in their favor. So, pay attention to the compliments, the proposals or the cries of these people. Behind all this is the satanic cunning to bring you down. The wicked live at the behest of the wicked one.

The wicked never tire of trying to find some error in our life, to do the will of the being who controls them. Proclaim the message of God to them that they may come to repentance. In temptation, it is obvious whom they obey, for they never let their true nature be stressed. They are servants of the accuser!

When the wicked revolt against us for something we have done, they look like the lion, who seeks for a prey to satisfy his appetite. If there is nothing to eat, even those who treat them will become their meal. The purpose of the wicked is never to repay the help they received, simply to profit. Stay alert! Every malicious man acts this way. Because they are under the rule of evil, they want to steal, kill and destroy.

But the saved suffer all injustice, but remain under the God´s love. They delight in doing good, giving everyone unequivocal proof that they are followers of the righteousness of Heaven. You can count on the saved, but without ever forgetting that the greatest trust must be in God. Only trust in the Lord, because although we are unfaithful, He will remain faithful, because He cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13).

Be in fellowship with your heavenly Father. Remain steadfast! If we are far from the Lord, the enemy can show us something, thus, we are contaminated with his cunning and make the wrong decision. Without the Holy Spirit, we do not have the necessary light. Watch and pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, Protector and Deliverer! We need Your help, because the devil always watches over us to destroy us. We know that evil cannot reach those who dwell in Your hiding place. In You we are free!

Show us the wicked, those disguised as sheep, who follow us to find some weakness in us. Protect us from the evil people and servants of the enemy, so that our faith does not suffer any loss.

When they look at us, they need to see Your glory to be saved. Thanks for guiding us! Even if they throw their arrows at us, they will not reach us. We are yours! Amen!


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