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I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me..   - Psalm 16:7

One of the Names of Jesus is a Counselor, because, having foreknowledge, He can give those who seek Him the right course in everything. Nothing escapes the eyes of God. Therefore, we should seek His guidance. Praising the Lord is thanking Him for helping us and giving us good counsel and other blessings. Whoever walks at the feet of the Lord will become successful. He is happy to serve us.


Our God has countless ways of teaching us, giving us wisdom to see the reaction of someone who is negotiating with us or flattering us. Even our hearts will teach us at night, when we sleep, according to the leading of the Most High. Our sojourn on earth is very short and very tight. So if we want to make good decisions, we must assume what God says.

One of the secrets to being victorious is to continually put the Lord ahead of everything and following His plans, not ours. By doing so, the ways will be opened wherever God sends us. However, if we do not pay attention to Him, we will surely have problems during our journey. Those who love and follow the Lord have the light of life and will never be lost.

David placed the Most High on his right hand, so he would never falter (Ps. 16: 8). It is good to be directed by the Master, who sees and knows everything. However, if you let your mind say what is good, you will find yourself in great difficulty because the enemy will deceive you. Nothing is worse than wavering at a God-given opportunity and then running for it.

Being guided by the Master, your heart will only know happiness, and your glory will leap with pleasure. Every human being has a glory, a virtue that makes him seek the Lord when no one is caring about it. The satisfaction of the heart means that the Almighty has come to be by your side, to protect you and to keep you from all temptation. The man who has the Almighty on his right will rest safely (v. 9).

However difficult the situation may be, the eternal Father will never leave his soul in the hands of the evil one (v. 10). Even if Hell rises to shame you, it will never happen. Whoever has faith in Jesus will never fall into the corruption or temptations of Satan. Walking with Christ is certain that you will never be in an adverse situation or stumble upon any proposition of the devil.

Finally, you will know the path of life. So, no matter how hard the devil tries, you will go from faith to faith without being caught by the devil’s trappings. Those who follow the Lord see the path of life at all times and live in abundance of joy. The saved are seated at the right hand of the Redeemer, where there are endless delights. It’s good to walk with Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our success! How will we be defeated if we walk in the light of Your face? By trusting you, we can be sure that your hand will never forsake us. Thus we will be transported with complete joy.

No wonder one of Your Names is Counselor, the One who gives us good advice. Therefore, we always look for you. Nothing will take us away from Your presence or our right to use Your holy Name.

Under Thy guidance we know only rejoicing. When everything seems hopeless, you come to meet us to free us from the indecision and suggestions of the devil. In fact, by Your side, we are guarded. Amen!


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