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Run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem; See now and know; And seek in her open places If you can find a man, If there is anyone who executes judgment, Who seeks the truth, And I will pardon her. Jeremiah 5:1

God always seeks someone who might stand in the gap, so that He does not carry out or allow judgments of errors produced by man.  However, sadly, He does not find such a person most of the time.  If we examine, and the other saints can also do this, we will see that it is common for anyone to be led by vanity. Now if the Almighty does His work, why touch the glory due exclusively to Him.  It is necessary to change, and a lot!

Jerusalem was the most blessed city of the world, for in it there lived or went there often the most consecrated men who worked in God’s plan and work.  Those who lived there had no excuses for doing wrong, because there were many good examples.  However, although many went to and fro through the streets, they could not find one righteous man that could prevent judgment – which was necessary – on the people.  Beware of corruption!

Many Christian missions had great leaders and followers that sought the face of the Lord like in no other place.  However, for them, what God did in their favor worked few results. Even in the family of good servants, man or woman, of the Almighty it is almost impossible to find an heir who truly follows in the footsteps left by these servants of God.  There are many material heirs, but not many true servants.

Jeremiah challenged his peers to go through the city of the great King, to inquire and be informed concerning who could find the Lord and had the key answers for Judah not be carried off into bondage.  This moment, in the midst of those who call themselves Christians – similar to Christ – there may be one who can minister to a dying person or paralytic and deliver them from condemnation? It is sad to hear that we are not doing our work!

The children of God sleep and rise with the lost, and some even worse.  Many are worried in obtaining resources; others have them to buy impressive clothing, material good recently marketed like a most recent generation cellular phone, but not to have God’s anointment in their hearts and souls to deliver the oppressed from bondage to the devil. These people think that it is the other’s problem.  They don’t know what awaits them at Judgment!

To practice righteousness should be as natural and often to the Christian as breathing is to every living being.  As we wake up we should already be in the presence of God, full of faith and power to give those in need the same word Jesus would and so the work would be done.  How long has it been since you have consecrated yourself to God or not received a revelation that would place you close to the Lord.  Wake up! You have only this one time on Earth to determine your eternal destiny.

God would forgive the entire nation of Judah, if there were but one righteous person in the holy city.  Why was there not even one? Because everyone cared only for their own interest.  In little time, they went to captivity in Babylon and lost everything.  Mercy!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We cannot continue how we are, seeking only material goods and forgetting Your work.  The reward we will receive from You will remain with us for eternity.  Help us to fulfill Your will.

Don’t let us live like the inhabitants of Jerusalem lived.  They were sleeping and did not lay hold or enjoy the blessings announced by the prophets of Your throne.  Although they knew that You made use of those men, the people did not see what they were losing.

We have to consecrate ourselves and understand Your abundant revelations concerning our position in Jesus.  We must remove from our sight the lie shown by the devil, to see the great things You have prepared for us.  Halleluiah!


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