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Then God appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Padan Aram, and blessed him.  Genesis 35.9

The best of life is when we understand why we were created in the image and likeness of the Lord and become faithful to Him. The saved are the joy of the Almighty and will live with Him for ever and ever. Those who give themselves over to any kind of error do not know what awaits them, for they have failed the divine plan concerning their life. Those who insist on living in rebellion will regret it when they are thrown into the lake of fire.

Jacob suffered many trials, beginning in his mother’s womb, where his twin brother wrestled against him. It was hell telling him what his life would be like. Esau literally passed Jacob backwards by pulling him back at the moment of birth. Thus, being the firstborn, he was considered the chosen one. However, Jacob knew how to trust God, and in a clear and straightforward way, he regained his primogeniture, when his brother proved to be an unholy man.

Years later, when working for his father-in-law, Jacob’s salary was changed ten times, but God honored him, and despite the struggles, Jacob grew rich. Later, when the Most High commanded him to return to his land, he received word that Esau was going to meet him with 400 men. However, having wrestled with God all night, Jacob not only had his name changed, but his brother’s heart also changed concerning him. Thus, Jacob was able to continue on his good path.

After the incident with Dinah, his little princess, Jacob saw his sons execute her evildoer, her father, the negotiator, as well as the men of that place. Seeking the right direction from the Lord, Jacob felt he had to return to Bethel, where he had begun his life with God. There he met the Almighty, which he should have done as soon as he arrived back home. The period of time he did not seek the Most High was one of torment and pain!

A similar fact occurs with us. As long as we do not present ourselves to the Lord, to Whom we must go first, we cease to enjoy the good things provided by God. The first place we need to go in every mission, or on our return from it, is to Bethel – the House of God. There, we meet Him at the beginning of everything. Jacob being in the right place, the Most High appeared to him again and blessed him. Let’s do the same!

Go back to what the Father told you in the beginning. Leave the world with its temptations and obey the Word. It is the reason for your change of life. The Lord is there, waiting for you. Surely, He will receive you with joy and love. Being with God, your life will be blessed, and you will become wiser. The Lord’s hand will guide you in the tasks that He will give you, but once in a while return to Bethel!

What would Jacob do if he did not return to Bethel? Just by going there, the terror of Heaven was upon the people of the region, and none ventured to lay a hand on those who walked with God. The same will happen to you and your family. It is not your decision that matters, but the Father’s. He knows what to do to keep you. With that, you will have a thousand reasons to return to God’s House and erect an altar to Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of Bethel! How joyful Jacob was at Your reception when You appeared again to him and his family. If this happens to us, we will also be amazed at the change You will make among Your beloved people!

We cry out to You, asking for Your help, to give guidance to those who love Your Word. We long to go to our Bethel. Then You will instruct us, as is Your desire. Without guidance from Your throne, we will not rejoice. 

Forgive our bad decisions! Deliver us from the temptations that try to enter our soul, allowing the powers of darkness to torment us. Now, knowing that we can and must return to Bethel, we will obtain Your blessing. May we do all this for Your glory!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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