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I cried out to God with my voice—To God with my voice; And He gave ear to me. Psalm 77:1

Crying out to God requires a more perfect study of the Bible, because we dare not think we will be heard by the Almighty just by simply crying out to Him. As we learn what is necessary for Him to give us the answers to our prayers and pleas, we will have heeded the divine warning that it is not by our insistent requests that He will answer, but yes by praying in the correct manner. (Matthew 6:7). Let us learn with the Omniscient Lord?

The author of Psalm 119:145 said he cried out with all his heart, and this is a good starting point for us.  Those who use only part of their capacity of faith in the Word, leaving part of his spirit “at loose” or occupied with things of the flesh or of the devil, will not be answered by the Creator.  Remember: Paul the Apostle said we must not give place to the devil (Ephesians 4:27). The Lord demands from us full consecration; otherwise, He cannot lend ear or answer us.  We therefore must act productively.

Asaph was used to write the verse we are studying.  He said he cried out with his mouth, without copying anybody’s words.  It is important that your prayer sprouts from within your inner being and expresses what in fact is in it, so that when you cry there will be no doubt concerning the Master’s rescue.  Be completely involved!  If there is any least doubt, the solution will not be forthcoming. 

Your voice is only in condition to rise up to the Lord if your heart is full of faith. Even thou you strive and strain to reach God’s heart, the lack of certainty that you will receive your expectation, will weaken your petition, rendering inoperative the Almighty’s power in your favor.  Therefore, before you start to cry out your plea, study the Word until you know the promises of God for your life so that you can claim them.  Discerning and understanding them you will pray and be answered.

With your fully anointed voice, at the open and shut of an eye, any situation of suffering or discomfort will be resolved.  Tied up with the Heavens in time of prayer, you will feel possible to receive a positive reply.  Therefore go into battle certain that you will obtain victory.  It is best to spend time to learn your rights and to cry out for them.  Thus, you will receive the necessary help.

God will lean to hear the petitions of man, giving all the due attention to his needs, as long as he is covered in grace, revelation and divine unction.  It would be best if everyone learned how to pray correctly so that the Lord could lean to and hear each request.  This is why God led me to write this message. Put an end to the fasting of answers which you insisted the Savior to do.

Why were the men of the Bible listened to and answered?  They were not better than us, but because they had learned to cry out according to the sacred pattern, they were answered. Change your manner of praying and speaking to the heavenly Father; and this way you will always have a divine answer.  God wants to lean to your prayers.  How about learning how to pray victoriously?

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God!  Thank You for paying attention to the cries and pleas of people who learn how to approach You in the Name of Jesus.  By this Name, our prayer reaches You and we know we will receive Your blessings!

Help us to lift up our voice, because we need to be heard by You, Judge over all the Earth that never fails in battles or decisions. As we express our faith and our requests in sincere and complete manner, we will please and glorify You in Christ Jesus.

Who would we be if we did not know You as our Father and God?  No doubt, we would live saddened and suffer tremendously because Your grace has drawn us ever nearer to You and made us take up our position in Your Son.  Amen!


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