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Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, Whose heart is set on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Based on these writings of David, our strength must be in God. The subjects learned daily serve nothing in the spiritual realm. Therefore, we should never use them in spiritual battles. Now what originates in us, or in another person, according to Jesus, is flesh and is of no avail (John 6:63), but things from above help us greatly and are to be used.

Let us forget the teachings of the philosophers and search the Scriptures, whose records were made by men who were directed by the throne of the Most High. We have to hold on to the revelation of the Word and so we will never be confused. You see, if we have such guidance from our heavenly Father, why ask or research the opinions of others?

Try to know and fix your heart, which is too corrupt. If there are crooked paths in it, you will never be blessed. To be successful must be the purpose of our life; But for this to be achieved, we must find our Father’s tips, abundant in the Word. Without such instructions, we will trip over obstacles while walking here.

No one is good, just and perfect, but we must walk toward the perfection planned by the Omnipotent. When man lives only for this life, he finds several deviations waiting for him. However, as you seek to conduct yourself according to the Bible, you will not even feel the existence of evils, because, being directed by the Almighty, you will see that He Himself cares for the ground on which He must tread. Hallelujah!

Each time you open the Holy Book, do so for the purpose of learning and flattening your ways. The eternal Father says He will do this; He is Fulfilling His promises. By taking possession of them, your life will undergo a wonderful transformation. Those who truly walk with God can get rid of the problems and pain that afflict so many people. The path of the Lord is perfect, complete and good in everything!

Have the courage to meet the Lord’s challenges with the conviction that you will be victorious. When Samson was a boy, the Spirit of God incited him to exercise for future situations. In this way he could set a good example whenever he fought against the Philistines who dominated Israel for 40 years. There are too many dominators to be subdued!

The secret to this peace must be kept secretly. Never let the enemy take over yours. Divine guidance is part of your training so that much success will occur in your life. Be the person designed by the Omnipotent. Thus, He will use it for the magnification of His Kingdom and the liberation of lost souls.

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Our strength must be in You; then the devil will never beat us. We will not set our hearts on man, but on Thee. Our pleasure is to know and serve Thee without being confused.

We have to get rid of ourselves and the crooked ways of life. Delivering us from the pitfalls of darkness, we will fulfill Thy will. We are not perfect, but our will is to walk towards perfection. We believe in you!

We must flatten our ways so that we can accept and overcome the missions given by You. Then we will be blessed, and You will be glorified with our lives! Amen!


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