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15/02/2019 - THE STEPS OF A GOOD MAN

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The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,And He delights in his way. Psalm 37.23

That which man puts into his heart will make him good or bad. Therefore, look at the origin of the things that you let into your inner self, because that will govern your life. Having been considered as a good person, your steps will be ordered by the Lord. However, if you are considered bad, you will not have God´s favor. Every day, your decisions will determine who you will be. Therefore, always be alert and pray.

The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5.8). Therefore, we must be vigilant for him not to plant an illicit desire in our heart or any other feeling capable of moving us away from God. Many brethren have been carried away by temptations, and therefore are far from the divine presence, unable to see the way back. Consequently, they are facing many problems.

The devil wants you to let a wrong thought or a grief dominate your being. If this happens, in no time, you will be like a puppet in the hands of the enemy. Then the purity of faith will be lost and the satanic presence will come in your life. If this has already occurred, run back to God and confess your error, renouncing the desires of the flesh. Do not let lose your salvation!

By accepting one of the offerings of the evil one, you lose the lordship over your life. This act is like declaring that you are surrendering to the kingdom of evil. From then on, you fall into the traps of the most perverse and dangerous demons that will lead you to all sorts of trouble while you are here on earth, and then to eternal perdition. Return to communion with the Lord immediately.

See what happens to the faithful and the unfaithful. Whoever gives in to unfaithfulness becomes evil, but the faithful person remains good. The unfaithful will never be satisfied, because the spirit separated by Hell to “take care” of him will strive not to lose him. However, the faithful one, fulfills himself by doing good, and that makes him pleased with himself. Who do you want to be?

All the resolutions of a good person are validated by God, that´s why they grow more and more. But the bad  person is always in trouble, and nothing works out in their life. You can know who you are before God by the things that have been happening  to you. The Lord called you to take part in His Kingdom and His Spirit. So, empty yourself of any evil, so that your steps may be confirmed by the Most High.

Your path must be the delight of the heavenly Father. If you become someone after the heart of God, good things will happen to you and nothing from the enemy will strike you. Make the best decision of your life: be a servant of the Lord. Your eternal happiness depends on your perseverance in doing good.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of holiness and happiness! As we reflect on Your Word, a desire to improve invades our hearts. Therefore, we ask for Your help, because we do not want to help the devil in the destruction of anybody. 

We want to reach the position where our steps are confirmed by You. Then we will no longer walk like zombies, but as Your children guided by Your love. Deliver us from ourselves, for we have kept things that destroy us.

From now on, we will fulfill only Your purposes. We want to be Your delight and then, be successful. We will not stumble or go astray from Your presence. We thank You for loving us at all times!


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