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The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor; let them be caught in the plots which they have devised. Psalm 10:2

People who surrender to malignancy take morbid pleasure in wishing evil to those who don’t belong to their group. They don’t bow down before the Lord, because they don’t know what love is, and so they live to satisfy their evil desires. Whenever possible, they invest against others, even those who are close to them and specially those living a simple life. These have no idea that people who don’t love their neighbor exist.

One of the characteristics of the wicked is arrogance. In their mind, no one knows more about life than them. When they have the chance, they disdain those who help others, seek the Lord and do good. The devil and God don’t exist to them. Many have been to church before, but now, if they could, they’d try to end the work of the Lord. They think our dependency on the Most High is nothing but mental weakness.

Another characteristic of merciless people is how they reject the poor, who didn’t have the same opportunities in life as they did. Many live without any resource, and that drives the wicked mad. Well, not every human being will climb up the social pyramid. Unfortunately, those who are at the bottom of it will be furiously persecuted. We’ve heard stories of people who put fire on the homeless as they were sleeping in the streets.

“Why does this happen”? That’s the question we ask. The victims of the hatred of the wicked aren’t those who are competing with them, but rather, poor people who don’t even have a place to live. Wrongdoing against the poor continues to occur in may parts of the world. I heard of a man who, after serving the Portuguese army, described laughing the day when he arrived at a small village in Angola and shot a group of people who lived there.

The truth is that he should be crying to tell such an evil thing. One day, people like him will be before the righteous Judge, who will judge them sitting in a white throne. Don’t they know that God is watching them as they prepare their traps? So what will they say after killing innocent lives? Why mistreat the less favored and pursue them furiously? This is a lack of the fear of God!

Don’t allow any evil feeling towards other people to arise in you. Whoever practices evil will have problems on Judgement day if they don’t repent, because they will be judged for everything they created and executed. The world needs people who love God, who live at His feet and never surrender to the spirits of hell. Don’t be a helper of the Devil, be someone who sets the captives free.

It is wonderful to align ourselves with the Lord in the work of restoration of humanity, leading those who are in wrong practices to search for the Savior. The justice of God won’t forgive those who live in arrogance, don’t help the needy and who don’t encourage them. Be a part of those who do good in every moment!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! No matter who arises against Your church, Your Word guarantees that no one can stand against it. The doors of the kingdom of darkness will not prevail against your house. Thank you for the power to rebuke Satan!

Our Christ has given us is above every dominion of the enemy. Nothing can causes any harm. Wherever You send us, we will promote peace under Your guidance. May our light shine to all!

Religious people must be patient and listen to Your voice to discover what caused them to leave Your presence. The message of the Gospel must reach those who don’t belong to Your kingdom yet. That way, they won’t prove second death. Help us, Father!


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