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He answered them, “He who made me well said to me, ‘Take up your bed and walk.’ ”.   John 5:11

For many, he was just a poor, wretched fanatic, for even though he suffered for 38 years, his trust in God remained firm. When an angel shook the waters, that man would plunge into them to be healed. It was not in vain for you to wait. By the man’s help, he would never be sane, but, trusting that his time would come, he saw Someone interested in his dilemma stand before him. The sick man’s heart beat!

That man did not know Jesus as Savior, but was placed by Him in the water that could cure all evil: the Word, which is Christ in His eternal form. The Lord is the Principle of everything, and everything was created by Him. He who knows Him is delivered from evil. Man’s inglorious struggle against suffering ceases when he receives revelation and believes that the Righteous is his Deliverer.

Although he did not know the Name of the Healer, the man believed in Him and what He was told. This is the big secret: believing in the Word. So read the Bible carefully, go to services, and meditate on the Scriptures. When Bible preaching is done, one’s heart knows that that is the Truth. However, at the same time, the devil tells her that this is not for her; after all, he is young and must “seize” to sin. Have mercy! Be wise at such times!

Jesus offers everyone complete healing. He who walks with him discovers the faith that will give him the power to command the mountain of difficulty to move into the midst of the seas. Then, believing that such a prodigy is possible, the work will be done (Mk 11:23). God treats you like you’re the only person in the world. Get rid of the enemy that torments you!

The once paralytic, who carried the bed after the cure, knew that this act was not permitted by the Pharisees on Saturday. However, as the Master had told him to take his bed, the newly healed considered Jesus greater than the Law. To obey the Son of God is to make sure that He is the Solution to everything, even to the prohibition of carrying something on the day of rest.

Inconsistencies in doctrines are everywhere, as excuses for questions that are never answered. Taking the bed was a sin, but not carrying the evil that enslaved it! To whom did this decree praise? To the Lord the Almighty? In no way! Here was the Word, Creator of the Universe, on both the spiritual and the material side. Therefore, he was Lord of all things. He has come to set us free from our mistakes and pains!

The now restored man had found the true Law, called The Law of Perfect Freedom, the Good News. It was simple but powerful enough to rid him of everything that bound him. No longer in the hands of the devil! Accept the new life in Jesus and set yourself free! What do you say?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Sovereign Lord! The Law of Moses had been given at a time when no one could approach Thee. But with the coming of Thy Son we were redeemed to live in Thy presence delivered from oppression.

Blessed be the Name of Thy Son, who has paid the price of our redemption. Therefore, there is no condemnation upon us as long as we accept Him as Savior. And we do it now. Dad! Thank you for the Law of Perfect Freedom, Your glorious Gospel.

We rebuke in the Name of Jesus all the evils and demand that they leave never to return. We are delivered by Christ from the evils that come upon men. Use us to preach the Truth! Thank you for your love!


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