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10/01/2018 - THEY COULD NOT FAIL

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But He said to them, “Where is your faith?” And they were afraid, and marveled, saying to one another, “Who can this be? For He commands even the winds and water, and they obey Him!” Luke 8:25

The children of God are driven by the Holy Spirit, therefore none of them have the right to fail. When the Lord speaks to them, He goes ahead of them to make what He said happen. The divine order for us to do something is like a sign that everything is ready, and only our part is lacking: to believe. Those who look behind and say that they are not capable of fulfilling the mission that was given to them frustrate the Lord completely. 

In that day, the disciples wasted an opportunity to obey the Master’s orders, and thus, to defeat the storm that came upon them in the sea. In truth, they felt they were capable to go through the storm without Jesus’ help. However, what happened later proved that they were not prepared to go through it without him. The point is: no one is ready to face the challenges of life without the assistance of the Son of God.

Their mistake was not to maintain their communion with the Savior. If they remained in contact with Him, they would have had the courage to prohibit the wind from blowing and the waves from crashing beyond normal. Since they were not interested in learning from the Master, He fell asleep. How many times has this happened to us and to other people that do not notice their need of being with the Almighty and His words. Once you understand this, everything that you determine will be done to you.

Check if the Lord is asleep in regards to your life. When you stop reading the Bible, when you go to church and don’t pay attention to what is preached, or when you lack prayer and meditation, you might be led to an affliction that you will not have the strength to resist the devil. The enemy only waits for one careless act of your to bring you great suffering. Maybe this has happened to you. The secret, however, is to enter in the presence of God, ask Him for mercy, and believe in His revelations.

As Jesus stood to attend the disciples’ request, He rebuked the winds and the waves, and everything calmed down. However, right after that, the Master rebuked the disciples for not having faith yet. When you listen to God’s order to do something, you receive faith in order to act in the Name of Jesus and do the same works that He did. Therefore, never despise what the Lord tells you. Thus, nothing will paralyze the divine plan and nothing evil will happen to you.

The way of obtaining faith is to listen to the words of God. Faith does not come from memorizing verses or just reciting them. When you believe in what is said by the Most High and act with the authority revealed in the Word, you have power to annul the works of Satan. This resource is available for us so that we may build the tower until it is finished (Luke 14:28-32). Therefore, make the Lord glad by fulfilling His orders, and no evil will come to you.

The righteous lives by faith, but if he refuses to obey the Most High, the Father will no longer be pleased with him (Hebrew 10:38). Examine yourself and see if you have pleased God, doing as He has ordered you. The proof you have fulfilled His orders is the success in your actions of faith. If you are defeated in life, you have certainly not been a servant according to the Lord’s expectations.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! You never sleep or take a nap, but as a lesson, many times, it seems like You do so. May the readers check if they have acted in the same way as the disciples did in that boat, and change. Your Word never changes.

We have acted in the same way as our brothers who were crossing the sea, despising Your company. Whoever does this will soon learn that it is not a good thing to despise the Watchman of Israel, for You ask nothing of us but our faithfulness and holiness.

We want to learn more from You, of the things that we should do and that You have for us. Therefore, we must now understand what is the reason why we have not answered You. Help us to change completely so we don’t fall. Thank You!


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