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Will not their livestock, their property, and every animal of theirs be ours? Only let us consent to them, and they will dwell with us.” Genesis 34.23

They were two characters in a negotiation: one from God, honest, who would never do harm to anyone, and the other, worldly and full of evil intentions. The mistake was to allow Dinah to go to the city to observe how the daughters of the Hivites lived. None of this would have happened if she had stayed at home. In going to the city, her naivety, holiness and respect for good manners were lost. After all was said and done, Dinah was humiliated by the evildoer.

The Lord reveals to us the wickedness that the father of the most honorable of his brothers felt when he heard the conditions demanded by Jacob’s sons to allow Shechem to marry their sister. However, they made the proposal to avenge on the wickedness of Hamor’s son. The father of those who were above suspicion showed his people that Jacob’s cattle and possessions would be theirs. Whoever thinks that he deceives the Omniscient God is mistaken!

Hamor was the typical inveterate sinner, for he raised his children without respect for others and was afraid when he perceived what Jacob’s sons could do against Shechem, the honorable prince. He just didn’t measure how smart Dinah’s brothers were and would avenge the physical and moral harm their sister had suffered. The Word says: Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap (Galatians 6:7). The Lord carries out judgment and justice!

For Hamor, it was simple to convince his peers. If they heeded the request of Jacob’s sons, the rest would be easier. However, he didn’t know that these people had a covenant with God, and the harm that Dinah had suffered would be avenged. No one stops the Most High from fulfilling His Word. He declares: Indeed before the day was, I am He; and there is no one who can deliver out of My hand; I work, and who will reverse it? (Isaiah 43.13). Be vigilant! 

For those who don’t fear God, cheating another person is normal. For this reason, many don’t even care what they do against another human being, because they are looking for the profit that the irregular or diabolical deal will give them. But everyone must be taught that at the reckoning, after Jesus comes back to this world, we will be held accountable for our actions. The saved must honor that Name, and the lost must seek to be saved, or they will suffer eternally.

To the ruler of that region, that was business, but he didn’t have the courage to tell that to Jacob and his sons. He begged them to stay with them, to give him their daughters and take theirs, uniting the families and making them one people. However, he did not count on divine justice. The Lord does not see as man does, but searches the heart. Surely, He advised the heirs of promise to the right decision.

Speaking to his people, Hamor tried to convince them to be circumcised by showing advantages, without the people of Israel knowing the real intention of the ruler of the land. He clearly stated: Jacob’s cattle would be theirs and, in the end, – they would gain by Jacob’s entry. Now, isn’t that what Esau did with Jacob when he was still in his mother’s womb? Thus, it was the devil acting again.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of judgment and justice! You see into the heart of man, the deceitful plans that speak and lie behind a request made with crying. The sons of Jacob decided to give them what they deserved. Nothing better than to trust You!

When the Hivites were grieved at the thoughtless act of Shechem, they were laughing at the Hebrews, for what they wanted was to take not only Dinah, but also the rest of their possessions. But You were with those with whom You had a covenant!

Why do shameful situations happen to us, bringing us pain and suffering? It is not because we are Yours and live in submission to Your Word. We have our equals everywhere, but You are with us to protect us and strengthen us!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
(Genesis 11:23)


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