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For indeed they are gone because of destruction. Egypt shall gather them up; Memphis shall bury them. Nettles shall possess their valuables of silver; Thorns shall be in their tents.. Hosea 9:6

God used Hosea to speak about the future of the rebels many years before the Israelites fled because of the coming destruction. However, they did not want to hear the prophet and acted according to man´s wisdom. Jeremiah told them that it would be unthinkable to go to Egypt, instead of surrendering to Babylon. If they had listened to the Lord’s offer, not even Babylon would have laid hands on them. Stay alert and pray!

The prophet saw ahead, as divine foreknowledge showed him. However, they preferred to worry about the impending doom than to draw close to God in sincere repentance. Where did they flee to? If they had chosen the Almighty, trusting Him, they would have been protected and had an honorable way out. Only God could deliver them.

Egypt would gather the Israelites, said the man of God, but to conquer them. This has happened to humanity. People flee from the wicked, but fall into the hands of others who also have a covenant with sin. For this reason, they are prisoners of demons and do not know what to do, although they have heard that the only way out is with the Lord. Do not miss the time of your visitation, because then it may be too late. Believe!

The prophecy left no mistake: Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt, would bury those who did not surrender to God, preferring to resort to the ancient lord of the Hebrews. Many people have behaved foolishly: with the threat of a crisis, they evoke the unclean spirits, their masters of the past. In the end, the outcome is worse. Only Truth sets you free (John 8:32). Live by faith!

The Creator is the only way out. Whoever lives recklessly does not seek to know the Being who created all things in Him, for Him and through Him. Now, only God can give life and deliverance in abundance, because He idealized us. Once He is rich in wisdom and power, the Lord can deliver us from any trouble. Do not let the nettles have your inheritance or take over your treasures of silver.

When leaving the captivity in Egypt, the Hebrews wandered for 40 years in the desert, guided by divine hand. Without resources, no one can live for so long in an inhospitable place, where there is no water, but God met their needs. As they turned their back to the Lord, thorns took over their homes in the land of promise. Wake up!

There was only confusion in their homes. Because of their hasty decision to seek help, the thistles invaded them. There was no way to go to God anymore, since they were distant from Him. Unfortunately, many people live that way. Mercy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! How can I not hear and answer You, if You have everything man needs? Your foreknowledge will take us to the better places, living Your promise. We want to be well with You and obey You!

We have escaped evil spiritual Assyria and enslaving Egypt; therefore, our needs will never bind us to the enemy, but they will become opportunities that we do not want give up. We will be Your people: happy and obedient !

No one will bury us forever. When Jesus returns, we will appear before You to go up with Him. The living will receive glorified bodies, but whoever is dead will resurrect with glorified bodies. Amen!


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