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09/06/2023 - THOSE DRIVEN OUT

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If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under heaven, from there the LORD your God will gather you, and from there He will bring you. Deuteronomy 30.4

The Lord foretold the future, saying that our outcasts might be far away, but would be reunited with us at Jesus’ return. So, we must give them the Word of salvation; otherwise, their fate will be the worst possible – the eternal lake of fire and brimstone. Therefore, be a claimer of your own, so that the promise will reach them. We will only lose our family members if we are negligent and wicked.

It’s difficult to understand how they can go to the edge of Heaven with the knowledge of engineering in our day. However, as Daniel said, knowledge will multiply, and ours will be brought up with the Lord. We must learn the teachings of the Word and teach them to our family members; after all, they are included in the great salvation that has reached us. God is good!

Our Creator has foreknowledge: He knows what will happen to us and our family members every day. None of them will miss or hide from the Most High. The eyes of the Lord see us every split second. Even if we are in rebellion, He guards and protects us, because He loves us. Now, if we stop praying for our house and do not claim its salvation, its blood will surely be required of us.

The outcasts for whatever reason are still our family, which need to be saved, but we need to do our part. So, do your duty by telling your offspring about God’s love and leading them to love the Lord with all their heart and soul. Many need to experience deliverance in Jesus. For this, the work of Calvary was accomplished. So, rejoice in the Lord and be a true blessing to all.

Divine power is far greater than our finite mind can comprehend. God, being the Lord of all, will gather us out of exile. Now, there is no error in the Most High. His words and promises are true. Our descendants are part of our life, so we must never allow the enemy to deceive them. We must see to it that they receive salvation in Christ.

The Lord guarantees that He will take us from wherever we are, even if we are very far away. His arms will pick us up in seconds. The captivity for our family members is over from the moment we accept Jesus as Savior. We just have to have faith and see them saved. There is no way for the evil one to deceive us by stealing our family. Let us be wise and seek it before it is too late. God will help us in a special way.

The Gospel is the Good News of deliverance brought to us by Jesus, leading us to love the Creator. We must know this Good News fully. In it, divine justice will be revealed from faith to faith. The devil will not stop you from leading your family into His Kingdom of love, because the work of redemption has already been done. Now it is time to believe! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, faithful Promise-Keeper! The bad news coming from Adam's mistake, with the information that we would be servants to the enemy forever, has been changed by the work of Jesus on Calvary's cross. It guarantees us salvation now and forever. Thank You, Lord!

Help us to lead all our people into Your Kingdom. The enemy can no longer try to subdue them. Father, we cry out to You to instruct us and teach us the way forward, guiding us with Your eyes. We thank You!

You will bring us from any faraway place, so that our family will not be lost. We thank You for loving us and giving us salvation, which brings the other blessings of love. We want to see ours gathered in You!


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