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27/03/2020 - THOUGH HE SLAY ME

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Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him.   Job 13:15

Job lived at the beginning of God’s revelations to man and proved to know the Word. Clearly he did not know as much as he is presented to us today; he was responsible only for what he was taught. Although he walked blamelessly before the Lord, Job questioned the fact that he was touched, lost children and possessions, and fell ill. In fact, he thought that the perpetrator of these evils had been the Most High.

Why did Job think the Lord had afflicted him? Now, as the revelation was not yet complete, he had no information that the devil is the author of bad things. But even so, God’s servant did not deliver the points. No matter how much you know the Truth; Your little knowledge is enough to give you the right directions in all matters. Be wise and never speak beyond what God says.

Faced with serious losses, Job’s fear of sin led him to declare that even if God killed him, he would wait on Him. It is sad when we do not know the truth and speak what comes to our mind. So maybe we are in serious sin. You must know the Word of the Lord and not get involved in things you know nothing about.

Those who trust in the Most High always believe in His help. While facing serious difficulties, this person knows that He is love, and therefore will never turn His back on Him, nor His children. The phrase “God is love” is 100% certain (1 Jn 4,8,16). Now He will keep His promises in the life of those who claim them. He is faithful!

Even in the face of the catastrophe that struck him, Job did not accept his wife’s suggestion; otherwise it would have died and gone to perdition. Never disbelieve the Lord. If He is not fulfilling His promise, it will be because of something wrong in your life. You may not have the understanding necessary for Him to work in your behalf. Believe and wait!

The patriarch said that he would defend his ways before the Most High, which seemed to be ideal, but that would not change the situation. Take the case of Hezekiah, the king of Judah. He prayed to God after being told by the prophet Isaiah that he would die. In his cry he said that there was nothing wrong with him, but after that he wept very much (Isa. 38: 1-3). This means that God made him acknowledge his mistake. Then Hezekiah repented. Pray and trust!

It is right to “defend” your ways, but in so doing, wait for the revelation of the truth. Being silent before the Most High will not lead you anywhere. Open your heart and behave like someone interested in knowing what is going on inside you when you are not answered by the Lord. Surely the safe direction will come, because God loves you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord who gives us life! You will always show us the truth when we seek it from You. The reason is that we want to know it, because surely the error is not in You. Speak to us!

Job wondered, and then learned that his mistake was the fear that You would leave him unprotected. Similarly, we have probably not realized our failure; then show us.

You are the God of life and not of death. It is Satan who kills, but you give us life in abundance. We look to You for the necessary turn with the right Word and the power to deliver us from evil things! Amen!


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