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For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire; He blesses the greedy and renounces the Lord. Psalm 10:3

The number of people living in wickedness is very great. When God speaks in detail about these practices, He is opening our heart so we won’t live like that. The future of the wicked is eternal perdition, but the Lord doesn’t want that for anyone. His desire is that all would come to the full knowledge of truth (1 Timothy 2:4), turn to Him and be saved. If not, they’ll be condemned for centuries and centuries.

Jesus said that if our eyes are bad, our whole bodies will be full of darkness (Matthew 6:23). It’s impossible for someone to live away from the Lord and have good desires. Every time you meet someone who doesn’t live in wholeness and is completely consecrated to the Lord, stay away from their counsels. They certainly don’t have divine anointing to help you. Those who don’t love God will never have good advices to offer. Fresh water will never flow from a bitter spring (James 3:11).

The wicked commit three great mistakes. First, they boast of their own desires, which aren’t connected to God’s. There’s nothing good in those who reject the Word of their Creator as the bread for their soul. Those who refuse to feed themselves in Christ, even if they have good intentions, will never produce worthy fruits. Since these individuals are stuck with the devil and dominated by darkness, they are in no condition of producing something spiritually good.

Second: they bless the greedy. They are dominated by an unclean spirit, which causes them to gather more and more and never share with those in need. They never dedicate their time to helping others. Even in a state of public calamity, they raise their prices to make money out of other people’s disgrace. The stingy see only dollar signs before their eyes and they live to accumulate wealth, in an honest way or not. Bottom line: God doesn’t inhabit their lives!

Third: they renounce the Lord with their lips and attitudes. The wicked never think of rescuing those who need, except if they can have greater profit. Many charity organizations are nothing but strategies to hide their directors’ illicit enrichment. It’s sad to see that this happens all over the place, people hide their belongings and fool other people’s good heart.

The only way to end wickedness is to preach and practice godliness, respect for people and for God’s matters. Then, when people witness us doing good, they will surrender before the Lord. That way, we will help those who really need loving people’s contribution, but who many times are fooled by those who are wicked. God will help us in the preaching of the Gospel!

We can’t cross our arms in despair, believing that there is no way to change the course of the world. If there wasn’t, God would have already ended everything around here. But fire will come and burn everything on earth, and no stone upon stone will be left (2 Peter 3:7). Do your part and pray so the Most High will raise servants to do their part, leading the wicked to the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God who sees everything! We know Your eyes aren’t closed to all the evil things happening in the world, but You see the malignancy of some who pretend to be good. But they only do evil things before You! Help us to take the message of the Gospel to them!

How are some people convinced that they will never be accountable, if Your Spirit convinces us of sin, justice and righteousness? We want to see them becoming believers! Otherwise, what could happen to the world? Revive Your work so all will see who You are!

Don’t allow the wicked to boast of their heart’s desire. You will turn them into good people! The greedy should never find people to bless them, but people to rebuke them, so they won’t become delinquents in the eternal fire. Free us from those who blaspheme against You! 


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