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Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation!  Philippians 3:2

Dogs are the really bad people. They have lost the fear of God and delight in doing evil.  They were already in our midst one day, but they did not allow themselves to be convinced by the Spirit. Now they live shamelessly, ignoring the bad example they give to the new generation. What matters to them is to achieve the goal they have designated for themselves: self-fulfillment at any cost.

The truth is that they gave themselves to the devil and have his cunning behavior in their decisions. Therefore, they will not think twice before harming other people. When they deem necessary, they lie shamelessly. They are never grateful to anyone, not even to those who helped or saved their lives once. The nature of such people has been corrupted. Therefore, one has to be very careful when dealing with such people. 

But the evil workers are those who never consecrate themselves, because they simply do not have pleasure in talking to God. They also do not want to forsake the wrong path nor can they counsel others. Their god is their belly; their sexual desires are the most perverted, and they seek to satisfy their wickedness at all times (Philippians 3:19). There is no sense of companionship in them, for they betray others so easily.  

They are known for the way they dress themselves and for their behavior. They are driven by the flesh and imitate the bad decisions of the sinners. Besides, they are always ready to judge others, regardless of the Master’s guidance about not judging others in order not to be judged (Matthew 7:1). Poor people! They are walking a path that will lead them to be recognized as dogs.

These evil servants despise the work of the Lord and do not take pleasure in helping the work of evangelization of the peoples, because they think: “If we will receive nothing from those who live in darkness, why risk ourselves among them?” They cannot keep watch with Jesus for an hour (Matthew 26:40). They are not willing to spend time speaking of Christ to those who have nothing to give them, but they make use of every opportunity to receive some sort of pleasure or gain any other thing. They belong to the school of Gehazi (2 Kings 5: 20-27)!

False circumcision is Christian religiosity, in which many people act as robots, without truly seeking the Most High. Therefore, such people become dangerous to those who listen to them. Individuals like these do not read the Bible; and if they do, they do not meditate on it. They do not care to see if they really serve the Most High, for that would cost them a little bit of work and effort.  Even though they know they are weak in faith, they want to remain so. Now, they are certainly unaware that they are rapidly marching towards perdition. 

Accept the counsels of the Holy Scriptures, for they are addressed to us. Do not commit yourself to absurd stories which are told to keep you in the clutches of religions! Behind them lies the cunning of Satan. Try to get right with the Lord in order to escape eternal damnation. Ask the Father for mercy!! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our true Counselor! We cannot live as if there were no wicked people, without Your love, who speak of You only thinking of their own interests. Obedience to what You teach us will make of us people whom You desire us to be!

Deliver us from the wicked ones, for they have the courage to imitate the mistakes of the lost. Deliver us also from the evil workers, who neither seek You nor serve You, living as if there were no eternal life nor the Day of Reckoning!

We cannot equal ourselves or have fellowship with false religiosity, which is full of lies and human precepts. We are only interested in what You prescribe to Your true servants. Our communion with them is for real!


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