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And you will again obey the voice of the LORD and do all His commandments which I command you today. Deuteronomy 30.8

Whoever wishes to walk with the Lord must turn from their evil ways, for this is an express command from the Creator (2 Chronicles 7.14). Here is the first lesson. Conversion begins when we hear the preaching of the Gospel, where we are confronted by it about the wrong things we practice, and are grieved by it. Then, determined to stop acting against the Truth, we confess our iniquities to the Lord and begin the journey toward what has been revealed to us.

Trust in God increases as we take our place in Jesus, leaving the works of the flesh and practicing the teachings of the Word. This is the second lesson: as we hear the voice of the Lord we discover, in wonder, that He hears us. When we learn about any promise of the Most High, we must take hold of it. Now, He would not have us learn something of no use to us. Belief in the revelation from on Hgh is the great secret of a full life with the Lord!

When we act according to the Scriptures, it is as if God were physically in our midst, for in fact, His Word assumes this absence. The same power that reached the participants of Jesus’ meetings in Israel more than two thousand years ago also operates in our lives. If we believe the Bible, we will see faith arising in our hearts, and then the same power will manifest itself and perform the same works. Believe it!

The third lesson is: obey the Lord’s commandments. This attitude will make us successful amongst the people, but let us not forget what God has shown us. We must never waste the visitation of the Lord. After learning something from the Holy Book, we must issue an order immediately. By bearing witness to our faith in the Lord, leaving no doubt in the minds of those watching us, we will obtain what we have been shown in the Scriptures.

We cannot be like the Pharisees of the past, who said one thing, but did another. Let us receive what has been revealed to us by God. That will be the beginning of a life full of success and battles won. Nothing that you have been told should be received with suspicion, or simply left behind. After we have decided to turn to the Lord, let us be alert to read or preach the Word, for He will speak.

Those who have not yet heard Christ’s message, or refuse to believe it, need to know it in order to obey His teachings. After all, they have the power to make anyone wise. After converting to Christ, the individual receives God’s best and becomes a true blessing to himself and others. The Holy Spirit is all around every saved person to give them victories!

Listen to the voice of the Lord and keep the commandments. Each time you heed the Almighty, you become stronger and complete. Never fail to heed the Father’s commands; otherwise, He cannot be your God. Now it is your turn to love the Lord and be loved by Him. Do this now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Teacher! We bow down in Your presence, for we need You. We confess our mistakes and cry for Your forgiveness. Thus, we will purify our souls. Have mercy on us, give us Your salvation and deliver us from evil, O God!

As we turn to You, we leave the dirty world and turn to seek Your face and Your love. We want to listen to You, for we have learned that Your Word is the Lord Jesus Himself in His eternal form. You are so wonderful, Lord!

Help us to follow Your commandments. If we don't have You by our side, with Your power, we can never praise You for Your works on our behalf. Without Your Spirit, we can do nothing good and perfect!


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