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For the seed shall be prosperous, The vine shall give its fruit, The ground shall give her increase, And the heavens shall give their dew— I will cause the remnant of this people To possess all these.  Zechariah 8:12

The children of Abraham have lost their promises for some time, but many are heard to have opened their hearts and received the Messiah as their Savior. That’s great!

The seed of faith sown by those who heard the divine call sprouted, and even in the midst of the enemy’s attacks remained steadfast in the vision. In this way, such a person collaborated with God in the fulfillment of His will. Today, there is no separation between the saved and the Jews as long as they receive the gospel rejected by them more than two thousand years ago. God’s Word says that the seed would prosper, and we see it happening throughout the world. God is just and faithful!

Christ’s Church is likened to a vine. He himself said that he is the true Vine. No doubt we can accept that it will bear its fruit. Looking at the natural side, it can be said that it will be almost impossible to preach the Truth in a few years. But the Lord’s promise will never be broken. Although the rulers of the world say that no one else will preach the Gospel in their lands, the Most High will deny them.

The Church of Jesus is compared to the Promised Land intended for the Israelites. In it they planted and harvested all kinds of fruit. Now, in the Church of the Lord, the fruits that man needs to live well cannot be lacking. She is the agency of the Kingdom of Heaven, where sufferers are healed, promises are kept, and the lost find salvation. God is in His work, doing all that He has said to those who believe.

Our action in faith in Christ causes the afflicted to come out of the most diverse evils and begin to walk toward freedom. However, we must be firm in what we learn from Heavenly Father, or we will achieve nothing. For whatever reason, whoever postpones his participation in God’s promises makes a great mistake, because this decision robs himself and his sufferers of inclusion in God’s glorious work.

The Heavens are pouring the mighty dew that not only refreshes our lives, but also strengthens us to meet the hosts of the kingdom of darkness and see the enemy and his subjects defeated in their onslaught. Do not let the devil deceive you into despising the wonderful opportunity of your life. We can preach to millions of people and lead them into the Kingdom of Eternal Happiness, God’s. What do you say?

Speaking of us, God says He will make the rest of the people inherit all this. We must seize the chance to enrich ourselves for eternity. If you are not working on the Lord’s gigantic work, you can and should talk to Him now, confessing your mistakes and preparing to be used in a great way.  Don`t ever lose track of this wonderful opportunity in your life. We have the conditions to preach to millions of people and lead them to the Kingdom of Joy, God`s kingdom. What do you say?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of prosperity and joy! There are no words that can express our true appreciation for what you have done and do these days. It has never been so enjoyable and possible to win the lost and lead them to salvation.

We must become involved in preaching the Gospel, fulfilling Your direction for our lives. We are conquering millions of people for Your Kingdom, and that is rewarding. We need to pick you up where we can cooperate with you.

We are the seed that thrives, as you said, and also the vine bearing its fruit. We wish to be used by You! The church brings much news to all, but only those who are faithful will be blessed. We wait for the dew so that the rest of the people inherit everything!


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