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16/03/2020 - TIME TO LEARN

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Be silent before me, you islands! Let the nations renew their strength! Let them come forward and speak; let us meet together at the place of judgment. Isaiah 41:1

As we are enlightened by the Word and filled with the Holy Spirit, we are delivered from the kingdom of darkness and have the task of glorifying the Lord in the works He has commanded us to do. But some become like an island – surrounded by desires everywhere. This is not the plan of the Most High. He wants to see us in unity, doing what is good. Not obeying the Father by failing to seek and deliver the lost shows a lack of judgment and fear of Him.

Jesus taught us to do the divine work, so we must reject the opinions of those who consider themselves wise and follow only the guidance of the true Master. When reading about our mission, we need to act the way He commanded. Don’t be arrogant by considering yourself an island, for someday you will be accountable for what you have done or failed to do with your orders. Be a helpful servant, always!

There is a time for everything, including to keep quiet (Ec 3.7). Let the Lord act in every situation and do not take the lead in any decision. Speak only what you have learned from God about things that please Him. What is learned outside the Word is not to be said by the servants of the Most High. After all, without Him, we can do nothing (Jn 15:5). Try to put your needs before the Omniscient, for He knows what is best for you.

We have to renew our strengths, our understanding and power. So we will do the work as Jesus did and would do if He were in our place. If you do not strive to be used in the same way as the Savior was, you will find no excuse for your negligence. Christ has given us the example to act like Him (John 13:15). In the judgment, no justification will be accepted. The wise will shine like the stars (Dan. 12: 3)!

Once we have renewed our strength, we will be able to come closer to our heavenly Father. There are many asking for this closeness to Him, but this will be denied. Only those who strive to follow divine direction will be welcomed and accepted in the presence of the Lord. Therefore, seek to obey God’s will for your life. Then you will approach the One who called you by His glory and virtue. Do the work!

Nothing better than having the feeling of fulfilling the call of the Lord. He is faithful in making His promises true, but we must be faithful, without getting involved in the things that separate us from Him. Consecrate yourself every day, watching and praying not to fall into temptation. He who deals with divine affairs does not give space to the tempter, but receives the information necessary to live in a free and holy way. Hallelujah!

The person who walks with God knows what to say because he has His assistance in everything. Then you can and should go to court with the Lord. Now prayer is a judgment, an act of deciding any situation. Something unthinkable is to reach the Court of the Most High without the conditions that will give us the victory. Having firmness in the faith is fundamental!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Master and Lord! We are enlightened to do Your will, but we must keep silent before You. Help us never to break Your holy plans. We must learn to do all that you command  us.

As your people, not an isolated island, we need to renew our strength – understanding our position in Your Word – and receive further instruction from You. We cannot and will not rebel against what Thy mouth has declared.

After we have been enlightened and given our mission, we must speak and come with You to court. If we are in Your Word, and they are in us, we will be victorious. Amen!


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