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28/09/2020 - TIME TO RESIST

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The lion has come up from his thicket, And the destroyer of nations is on his way. He has gone forth from his place To make your land desolate. Your cities will be laid waste, Without inhabitant. Jeremiah 4:7

The Lord is Omniscient; therefore, no one – it doesn’t matter who it is – goes unnoticed by His gaze. The Father’s love takes care of us continuously. That is why it is impossible for Him not to warn us and to search us with power, in order to trust Him at all times and get rid of evils.

The continuation of the warning given through Jeremiah was real and urgent. God’s people could not resist such strength. The Lord compared Judah to a man and the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, to a lion. How could a person without God resist a lion that comes out of his lair to attack him, even if he is the strongest of all? Now, if she was well armed, she would beat him. Understand: God wants to empower you!

The warning is valid for us, as John wrote in Revelation: Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them. Woe to those who live on land and sea! Because the devil has come down to you and is very angry, knowing that he has little time left (Rev. 12:12). If you have lived in the presence of God, rejoice; however, if you have been carnal, seek Him in repentance.

The Almighty was not threatening Judah with Jeremiah’s prophecies, just as He does not threaten us with statements about the lake of sulfur and fire. The fact is that the eternal dwelling place of those who do not do the pleasant, good and perfect will of God exists (Rev 21.8). The spiritual Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of Hell, has been marching against you and your loved ones. Certainly, you have felt the evil of the enemy. So, be watchful and pray!

The skills that are given to you by God, especially that of recognizing sin and repenting, are like the cities that the Babylonian king wanted to destroy so that they would be desolate. The devil and his demons wish to dominate his land, his being. Many people have lost their sense of dignity and speak of their sins naturally, as if they were beautiful. The Gospel must be preached!

Existentialism is a philosophy that ended up generating moral relativism, a posture that is directly inspired by hell. The immorality that marks our generation is the result of this relativism that affects even the teaching of preachers, who affirm that there is nothing wrong with certain practices couples might have in their marriage, denying the biblical teaching (1 Cor. 6.13).

We have to be careful, because the lion – Satan – has made desolation in the work of God, where respect for the Lord has disappeared. Whoever is used by the enemy to steal the purity of the marital bed must repent (1 Pet. 1:16).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Thank You for the warning, because, little by little, even the most holy ones have capitulated to the lies told by the defenders of immorality. The bed of Your saints has been tainted with all sorts of evils!

We don't want to do your work in vain! So, we pray for the Church to wake up and watch out for the pitfalls of hell. It needs to get rid of the wrong things in her midst, including in the lives of pastors.

Send true prophets who will truly not get out of the way, but will avoid the home of the old lying prophet, lest they be killed by the lion. We are Your people and we aim to glorify You in holiness. To you be the honor and the glory!


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