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But the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brethren. Acts 14:2

Everything was going according to planned, but suddenly, persecution arose out of nowhere. The Gentiles got together against the work of God; they were very bothered. It was hell counterattacking. The way things were going, in little time all the people would become believers and the devil would be completely defeated. Those who do the work of the Lord should be ready, because the same thing still happens today.

What happened in Konya is also seen around the world. As soon as we start talking about the love of God, those who are sent by Satan come into action and cause people to turn against the work of the Lord. However, as His servants, we must be prepared. It would be sad if the enemy were happy with our actions. But if we pray, we will soon discover what is the will of God for us.

Many times, the Lord allows resistance so that we will be strengthened and do greater things that He has prepared for our lives. Never be upset at God, nor try to teach Him how to proceed. He has foreknowledge, so He will certainly guide us in the best decisions. Without a doubt, the right thing is to walk with the Most High. By doing that, we will never decide for things that bring shame before Him.

In that same place, there were incredulous Jews. There are unbelievers in every place. In the fifties, T. L. Osborn promoted a great faith crusade in a country in Central America, and a local church sent their people door-to-door to speak against the man of God and to warn people not to go to those meetings. Because they were against the work of God, they brought great harm to those who listened to them.

Believers who don’t truly believe in the Lord are simply religious people. They try to stop evangelization, which is about teaching the lost ones that through Jesus they can be blessed, healed and saved. Those who have walked astray from the truth have made an alliance with the Devil to empower them. They forget that they or held responsible for those who get lost.

Many who aren’t saved yet are waiting for us to go to them, so they will leave sin and obtain salvation. However, some are drowned in their transgressions. In some countries, because of fanatism among the people, many rebel themselves against those who are being sent to teach them how to speak to God and to be heard. With or without trials, we should obey our call.

No one can stand against the truth, and Paul and Barnabas knew that. The work didn’t stop because they continued to offer the bread of life to the inhabitants of what is Turkey today and the city of Konya. The outcome was that God used them in great miraculous operations. The Lord is holy and powerful!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! No matter who arises against Your church, Your Word guarantees that no one can stand against it. The doors of the kingdom of darkness will not prevail against your house. Thank you for the power to rebuke Satan!

Our Christ has given us is above every dominion of the enemy. Nothing can causes any harm. Wherever You send us, we will promote peace under Your guidance. May our light shine to all!

Religious people must be patient and listen to Your voice to discover what caused them to leave Your presence. The message of the Gospel must reach those who don’t belong to Your kingdom yet. That way, they won’t prove second death. Help us, Father!


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