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If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? John 3:12

Earthly occurrences that seem to us to be tremendous – like the devastating storms that happen around the globe – if they are compared to those in the spiritual realm, they become like nothing.  If we know how to proceed to place the power of God into action, we will put an end to everything that is of no good and causes us damages.  We must live in prayer and according to the Word. 

In the spiritual world, the greatest turmoil happens but so do the greatest victories; however, it is necessary to correct earthly matters first in order to go on to thinking about celestial matters.  While we let passion, hard feelings and hatred rule us, bringing anguish and pain we will not grow in the grace of the Lord and will not taste of the powers of the coming world. That God may help us to live according to His pleasing, good and perfect will, and then we will be happy!

That which we suffer or profit on Earth comes from the spiritual world, which brought Paul to write in Ephesians to say that the Lord blessed him with all spiritual blessings in Christ (Ephesians 1:3).  Those who do not grow in faith live constantly tormented by the enemy.  He, often knowing we do not think Higher thoughts because we face many battles, does all in his power so that we do not advance in our knowledge of Christ and our position in Him.  Mercy!

We are taught to seek God’s world of perfection, where we will live eternally.  Therefore, even suffering battles and deceptions, we have to be open to the Lord.  This way, by divine grace as revealed in the Scriptures, we will know how to act and lay hold of that which the Father has given us.  Halleluiah!

Jesus declared that the Kingdom of God has been prepared since the establishment of the world (Matthew 25:34), but unfortunately Adam’s sin stole from us this blessing.  However, with the coming of the second Adam, all was redeemed for us; we just have to walk with the Lord and do His will.  Strengthen your faith each day, watering your soul with the Word.  Then your spirit will be strengthened and you will be the son that the Almighty always meant and wanted you to be.

As we are converted and persevere in following Jesus, we will be given access to the world of our heavenly Father, where there is no pain and no evil.  No doubt, the victory belongs to the sons of the Most High, as long as they are not rendered to sinning. This way, while they live to please God all things will cooperate in their favor.  Those that have and keep His commandments are loved by Him.  What do you say?

If you were to die now, where would you spend eternity? Be vigilant and pray not to fall into temptation and lose the blessings that have been prepared for God’s faithful ones.  As for eternal suffering, none of it will touch those who are practicing divine will. But those who are led by sins of the flesh will not taste the heavenly blessings.  

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We have believed in Jesus and persevered in His steps.  This brings us reasons to be joyful.  Open our eyes so that our vision of Your world may be expanded, because although we are its citizens, we know very little.

We want to understand the battles and victories that happen in the spiritual realm, where You are the only one with power to mention.  We know that the king of evil will not last forever, but You are from eternity to eternity.  Help us to serve and to love you. 

We are grateful for having given us all the spiritual blessings.  When Jesus returns we will rise to be with You.  We must seek Your world of perfection.  So doing, we will live much better.  Thank You for the advent of the second Adam.  Amen!


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