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To whom will you liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we should be like? Isaiah 46:5

How can anyone want to compare the incomparable, the only and true God, to one god created by man, or anything invented by the vain human imagination?  The Creator of all things is more than all that we can think.  Besides Him being a real Person, His power and character are irreprehensible.  Seek to know Him in the Scriptures and you will never go wrong.

We could try to do something similar to the Lord, but no doubt, this would not be possible.  The absurdity of idolatry reveals itself in the lives of many peoples, who for some reason, do not bow to the Heavenly Father.  The reason for inventing gods or images to try to represent Him is in the sinful practices that they live in or the lack of understanding and discernment.  The light came to the world, however, because of their evil doings, men loved darkness (John 3:19).

Whoever dares trying to equal the Omnipotent with the so-called higher spirits, one day will cry bitterly for having tried, but will be able to do nothing.  Those that are sincere will recognize the great difference between gods and prophets and the Most High, as they hear the preaching of the Gospel or read the Holy Scriptures.  It is up to the listener to believe in what was said.  Amen?

The Bible was written by around 40 authors that in many cases did not know what the other authors had recorded: even so, there is not one flaw or error in it.  Passing up on the opportunity to know the Lord and make right with Him is the great mistake of many. There is no way to prove the existence of one mistake in the Word, and this shows that the Creator Himself left us His “map” so that we might know and meet the true faith.

The Lord is God, perfect in wisdom and capacity.  He created everything from nothing, not only the visible Most High is infinitely able, powerful and wiser than all things created by Him.  Therefore, to compare Him to any other creature or people that did good things is to miss the point entirely.  He is incomparable and immeasurable.

Don’t go through the work of believing in what never will hold any truth.  The Son of God, the divine Word, was incarnated to fulfill a work much greater than you can imagine.  As you know His work on the cross at Calvary, you will understand that your future lies therein, your fate and need to live well here and throughout eternity.  Ponder and consider what is written, believe and be happy.  Halleluiah!

If the Creator is not Whom He has shown himself to be always and to this day, where would the real Creator be? If he allowed humanity to live in error, what would be His interest or motive? Forget these conjectures and start living in Truth.  In Christ, there is everything you need.  In the world, there isn’t and there will never be anyone who can be compared to the Most High.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Incomparable God! How we need Your Grace to teach our generation the work done by Your Son at the Cross on Calvary.  Hence, as they learn it, people will begin to seek You and will receive the benefits that Jesus bought with His blood for all.

We have seen Your mighty power be manifest in our reunions, but we want to see more, and for this we come to Your presence and ask that You pour out more of Your grace over our lives.  In these days of great changes, we must know the Truth.

You are incomparable, matchless, for You are the only Lord.  There is not and never will be anybody like You. Permit us to know You and Your glorious and splendorous form. We thank You for what we have already learned but we want more.


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