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And when midday was past, they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice. But there was no voice; no one answered, no one paid attention. 1 Kings 18.29

The Creator and Lord of all things knows everything. Nothing is unhidden to His eyes. Those who worship angels or dead beings have no idea of the evil that they do to themselves and to others. When they invoke those spirits, they attract the forces of darkness and only evil to their homes. Worshipping God is harmless and perfect. When we worship Him, we feed our spirit.

In the day of the challenge at Mount Carmel, Elijah expected to show to everyone that Baal was a false god created by human hands with the help of the demon. The prophet was enabled to challenge the devil. He was chosen to close the heavens, and during three years and a half, there were no rain or dew in Israel, according to the word he spoke to King Ahab. The man of God rebuked the king for his support for worshipping the devil amongst the Israelites.

Whoever supports or helps any work from Hell will pay a high price. God is angry with the foolishness of those who surrender themselves to the enemy expecting some favor in return. The devil is evil, and those who seek him will suffer in his hands. In Carmel, the battle was won by the servants of God even before it began. In the same way, your victory is also guaranteed in the Lord!

Possibly, some of Baal’s prophets were aware of their mistake, while others gave credit to that false god for the benefits that they claimed to have achieved. The explanation to this lies in the law of probability – when someone prays to something invented by man and by chance, receives a benefit. Something similar also happens to those who have placebos, pills that have the same format as true medicines, but are made out of wheat or a substance without any effect. Some say that they are healed after taking them. Mercy, Lord!

In those days, the servants of Baal prayed, but there was no answer. Then, they prophesized that until the offering of the evening sacrifice, fire would come from heaven. However, after that deadline, they were taken over by despair. There was no voice, answer, or signal that they would be heard. Now, only One can heal, deliver, and answer prayers: the Lord. The Almighty answers everyone who believes and comes to Him in the Name of Jesus. Halleluiah!

If you leave the Creator, you will die in your sins, and your loss will be great. Those who belong to God, but fornicate with the devil, will not be attended. Our iniquities separate us and our God, and our sins make Him hide His face from us, and so He does not listen to us (Isaiah 59:2). Make things right with the Most High, and then, pray with faith. If you do so, you will obtain the answer that you so desire.

At the end of that day, it was proven that only the Lord is God. Only He can answer those who seek Him with faith and sincerity. Whoever you may be, dedicate yourself to be instructed and taught by the Father, who will guide you through His eyes. The divine guidance and teaching are the Truth and work effectively in 100% of the cases.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved God! The difference between serving You or the spirits is that Your answer is complete and perfectly active. There will not be even once when someone seeks You and is not answered by Your power.

The only reason for us to walk away from Your presence is our iniquity. When our hearts allow hatred or evil to enter, our sins cover Your face from us. Although we may struggle, if we do not get rid of our evil, we will never be heard.

Today we are before Your throne to confess our mistakes, ask and receive Your mercy. Thus, we will be able to say to everyone that You listen to us. Father, it is good to see You acting in our favor. In this way, we will not leave empty-handed. Thank You for so much love!


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