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And Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. Genesis 22:10

The tension at that moment was enormous, for there was nothing to be done about the holocaust, just fulfilling it. Abraham went to the end in his obedience to the Lord. In that trial, the champion could not fail; otherwise, he would not be an approved worker. It seemed that the Almighty would not change His attitude, and the patriarch would also continue to obey until new orders from Heaven came.

Abraham was determined to go to the end, because he knew that the Lord is not a man to go back or repent of what He says (Numbers 23:19). God´s friend did not know that the sacrifice would not end with the death of his son; however, once he was taught to be faithful to the Most High, he did not argue about giving his son’s life. There was never an equal request from the Lord to anyone, nor will there be. It was simply a test for the servant of God to confirm his obedience.

The patriarch reached out and took the knife, determined to do what he was told, believing that even from the dead the Lord would raise his son. As I said earlier: God had never asked anyone for a sacrifice of this nature before, and He will not do it again. If you hear a voice asking for this kind of thing, rebuke it right away, because it certainly does not come from Heaven, but from Hell.

What if God did not speak and Abraham sacrificed his son? Now, anyone who is experienced in faith knows that the Almighty never changes His plans. In fact, this case symbolized what He would do next for mankind, by giving His Son to die in our place. Men was unable to meet this need, but the Father did and had His servant reach the finsupriral moment of Isaac’s life, to shout from Heaven saying that he should not do that.

Abraham had known the voice of the Lord´s angel for some time; after all, his experience still in Ur of the Chaldeans was so remarkable and decisive, that he left his homeland and went on to one that would be shown to him. The moment he was going to sacrifice Isaac, the angel told him not to do that. If he took a little longer, it would be too late, and a little earlier would not be the voice of the One who is perfect.

The words of the Lord’s envoy left the patriarch relieved. Then the angel said: for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son,  (Genesis 22:12). Obedience made Abraham approved by the Most High. With that, he proved that he would never fail in his heart.

That cry was all he needed to hear. Otherwise, he would have fulfilled the first order. If we have do not receive a clear and new heavenly order, we must continue to do what we have been told by Scriptures. Today, the Lord does not ask for human or animal sacrifices for Him to work; all we have to do is believe in His holy Word.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of approval! You counted each step of Abraham in obedience to what You spoke to his heart. However, Your angel cried out from Heaven, forbidding him from harming his son. The important thing at that moment was submitting to You.

He waited for new orders until the end, and they came. We know that You no longer ask man to make sacrifices of any kind. This was the only case in history. What You require from man is obedience.

We thank You for assisting us in trials, which are not difficult to do. After all, you will give the faithful man the tools to carry them out. We will only prove that we love You by the faith bestowed by You.


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