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Therefore the strength of Pharaoh, shall be your shame, and trust in the shadow of Egypt Shall be your humiliation. Isaiah 30.3

Woe to anyone who trusts any person, spiritual entity, or those who claim to be strong enough to help them. Just as Judah trusted Egypt, the Lord assures him that his efforts to convince that kingdom to help him would be worthless. Only God can keep us, if we live His Word (Psalm 91). However, since we are not always faithful, we sometimes seek help from doubtful or bad sources (Jeremiah 2.13).

Egypt was one of the greatest countries in the world, but according to the prophecy, that would pass, something seen beforehand. To return to that nation with the intention of hiding was not wise, for in the past, Jacob and his sons accepted to live in the land of Goshen. Joseph, one of his sons, was used for the preservation of the life of that people and the world known at that time (read Genesis, chapter 41). However, soon after that Pharaoh died, the following kings turned against the Israelites (Exodus 1.8ff).

Why would Jacob’s sons stop trusting in the Lord, who delivered them with a strong hand from that enslaving country? Could God deliver them again by driving out the devil from their presence? Why do some people go to the spiritual underworld seeking counsel from spirits? The forces of darkness are pernicious, so – if they were to give them any help, they would require a very high price.

The battle of Carchemish had not yet occurred when Pharaoh Necho was defeated. However, King Josiah was filled with vanity and faced him in the valley of Megiddo, causing great damage to his troops and being killed by Necho himself in a battle that didn’t belong to Josiah (2 Kings 23.29). We must fight against evil, which can only be defeated by those who live in the presence of God and are filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 10.19)!

King David was victorious because he declared that he only trusted in the Lord, and this would serve as a lesson for whoever would take over the throne of Israel later on. However, they all let themselves be tempted that they alone could fight the holy wars of the Almighty. Men who serve Him, but stray from the Word, should take this as a lesson never to stray from the Most High. He is our Shelter!

The Israelites needed only to repent of their spiritual adulteries; then God would protect them forever. Similarly, we have played with the idea of people who don’t understand the responsibility of doing God’s work. Never let the devil and his demons use someone to convince you of something you do not understand, of what God has not revealed to you. Take hold of what He says and resist temptation, because this way the Father will be with you.

They did not listen to the Almighty and chose to trust weak Egypt, a country unable to even protect itself. God put the revelation in the mouth of Necho, who advised Josiah not to hinder him, but because this king did not obey the Lord, he suffered an untimely death (2 Chronicles 35:20-23). Be careful not to make decisions out of your own weak heart instead of following those that come from God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Only God! We don't want to leave You or seek the help of the wicked, for the Word says that Your grace is sufficient for us. Therefore, the words of men do not have to be our basis for making decisions. You are the Master!

Like Josiah, who had a good reign, we act childishly, accepting help from those who do not serve You. We take counsel with those who do not love You, and finally, we do not come to You with cries and tears, when offering prayers and supplications. Forgive us!

The strength of man, even that of the mightiest nations, will become shame, and the trust we put in them will turn to confusion. Your Name is unique in power to help us. Therefore, in the Name of Jesus, we shall be victorious!


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